Dad pays daughter to quit Facebook

February 7, 2013

I suspect most of you reading this have, at some time, considered quitting Facebook. The site can be a huge distraction and time-suck, the people can be annoying (even though they’re supposedly all family and friends), and the whole thing often feels like a colossal waste of energy. And yet most of us don’t ever go through the process of deleting our account. Even though we know we really should.

Perhaps if we were offered money to quit Facebook, even just for a limited period of time, it would make enough of a difference to push us over the edge.

That approach has worked with one teenage girl, whose dad bribed her with cold, hard cash to stay off the social networking site for four months. The thinking behind the offer being to ensure the 14-year-old dedicated more of her time to studying while school was still in session. At the end of term she gets access to her Facebook back along with a check for $200.

Scott Baier, a corporate executive at the Boston-based Groom Energy Solutions, is the man in question. He’s gone as far as drawing up a contract with his daughter Rachel to ensure both parties play fair. The contract was posted on his blog, and has since been seen all across the InterWebs.

Baier claims the Facebook sabbatical was Rachel’s idea, but one which he was happy to go along with. The contract states that Rachel will receive $50 after two months of successfully staying away from the site, and a further $150 after the full four months have elapsed. Rachel makes extra pocket money, her father knows he’s giving her the best opportunity to avoid online distractions.

This seems, on the face of it at least, to be a cracking idea. Of course it could be considered a bribe, but what youngster is willingly going to agree to give up Facebook in order to devote more time to studying? If a little green is enough to persuade them then why not.

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