Bush family emails get hacked and George W’s self portraits revealed

February 8, 2013

Bush family emails get hacked and George W's self portraits revealedEmails of several of the Presidents’ Bush’s family and friends were hacked by Guccifier.  The emails revealed personal family correspondence concerning the elder President Bush’s health and the younger President Bush’s self portraits. Apparently the hacker “only” obtained personal family information and not national security secrets. Still revealing personal family emails about President George H. W. Bush’s failing health that  feels incredibly intrusive.

The Smoking Gun broke the story yesterday complete with photographs garnered from the hacked emails.  According to the site, six separate email accounts were hacked including George W.’s sister Dorothy Bush Koch’s, along with “Willard Heminway, 79, an old friend of the 41st president who lives in Greenwich, Connecticut; CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, a longtime Bush family friend; former first lady Barbara Bush’s brother; and George H.W. Bush’s sister-in-law.”

Some of the emails concerned innocuous information such as golf plans and others revealed more alarming information like President George W. Bush’s street address and access code for a security gate.  Information that had it been more recent, could have been a threat to the security of his Dallas home.

The most disturbing revelations were emails between the Bush siblings about their father’s declining health at the end of last year.  The emails revealed just how serious the situation was and included discussions about preparing the 41st President’s eulogy.

The funniest revelations concerned emailed pictures from the 43rd President to his sister showing off his painting skills.  In two of the pictures he has painted weird self portraits of himself. The first is of his toes in the bathtub and the second is an upper torso view of him in the shower.  Another picture shows him painting a landscape scene showing a Kennebunkport church.

GW self portrait bath

There were also several photographs of each of the President’s and various friends and family members including President Clinton with the elder Bush at his home.  One of the photos shows the younger Bush holding a cardboard cutout of himself as a painter.

The hacker bragged to The Smoking Gun about hacking hundreds of accounts and being investigated for years by the Federal Government.  Well he need not worry about the government losing interest.  According to the AFP and The Wall Street Journal the U.S. Secret Service will be joining any other federal agencies investigating the hacker known as Guccifer. 

Photographs from The Smoking Gun. More Photographs below.

GW self portrait shower


GW painting


Presidents Bush and Clinton by Guccifier original


GW as painter

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  1. Godless:


    Bet they want to track down this guy really. . .REALLY badly.

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