iWatch: 5 cool things about Apple’s rumored curved glass device

February 10, 2013

It’s about time we get something new from Apple.

News from the New York Times broke this weekend about Apple purportedly working on a smart watch gadget that would use innovative curved glass and operate as any iOS device does today.

So what does that mean for Apple fans, and those looking to essentially wear their smartphone around their wrist? It could be groundbreaking.

According to the report, Apple is hiring several people in the “wearable” technology sector.

“Apple’s certainly made a lot of hiring in that area,” said Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester analyst who specializes in wearable computing and smartphones. “Apple is already in the wearable space through its ecosystem partners that make accessories that connect to the iPhone,” she said, adding: “This makes Apple potentially the biggest player of the wearables market in a sort of invisible way.”

How would you use an iWatch? Here are five interesting ideas:

1) iWatch is The New Smartphone

What if we never had to throw our smartphone into our pocket or purse ever again? Instead, we simply wear it around our wrist. It might go over well with the gentlemen who read this blog, but ladies might have another idea.

The rumored iWatch would likely enter the market on an interesting note if it could replace an iPhone altogether. I don’t see that happening, however.

The iPhone is Apple’s big profit-maker — why would they jeopardize and cannabalize that market?

It makes more sense for Apple to allow the iWatch to sync seamlessly with an iPhone, which still isn’t bad. No need to whip out your phone the next time you receive an iMessage.

2) iWatch is The New iPod

It’s no secret that Apple has strayed away from its music-only device. The iPod has become a part of our iPhone and iPod Touch experience — but there are people out there who just want to listen to music and not be clouded by other features.

An iWatch could deliver that. Not only would it give you the time, it would also give you complete access to a musical library. It would be Bluetooth and AirPlay compatible — giving Apple more reason to sell some wireless speakers, and even wireless earbuds.

3) The iWatch is a Stepping Stone

There have been several rumors about curved glass technology, and how it could possibly be the future of newspapers (didn’t we hear that before with the original iPad?), but there needs to be a starting spot.

An iWatch is the perfect size to test the technology. Can it wrap around one’s wrist comfortably? If it can, then it can certainly be held in a hand and folded into a brief case fairly simply.

Maybe the iWatch is just a test, and there’s even bigger things to come.

4) The iWatch is a TV Remote

There are also rumors (and have been for several years) about Apple releasing a television set, or at least a very intuitive TV set top box. The iWatch could be the ultimate remote control for the rumored set.

You’d never have to worry about losing the remote, as it would be right by you at all times.

Of course, having the option to use an iPhone or iPad would also be nice.

5) The iWatch is for Health and Fitness

One of the up-and-coming electronic consumer gadget sectors this year is health and fitness. At this year’s CES, a massive part of the show floor was dedicated to how electronic devices can improve our health and wellness.

It was also mentioned in the New York Times article that Tim Cook wears the Nike FuelBand — a wrist accessory that tracks your daily movements and exercise. Maybe Apple is actually working on a health-related gadget instead of a watch.

It would certainly help this blogger, who finds himself sitting in front of an iMac or behind an iPad for chunks out of the day.

Time to get in shape!

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  1. ilev:

    I am waiting for my Pebble to ship.

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