YouTube launches royalty-free music library

September 26, 2013

new-youtube-logoYou need never worry about finding the right song for your YouTube video again, as the site has rolled out the YouTube Audio Library. This is a specially-commissioned set of royalty-free instrumental tracks available for anyone to use on YouTube and beyond.

A decent soundtrack can improve even the most boring video, which is why so many people seem to randomly pick a song and lay it over the top of their YouTube upload. The problem is you can’t just go using anyone’s song, and if they’re copyrighted (which the vast majority are) the audio could result in the whole video being removed from the site.

YouTube knows this is a real issue that affects real people, so it has launched the YouTube Audio Library. It contains 150 instrumental tracks that can be placed over the top of a video completely for free. Thus saving anyone the embarrassment of having their upload taken down over a copyright claim relating to the audio.

According to the YouTube Creator Blog, YouTube actively went looking for musicians and producers to help create the library of audio tracks. The result is a mish-mash covering most genres, styles, tempos, and tastes. YouTube is keen to add more songs to the library, however, so wants to hear from anyone interested in contributing.

Those who want to use the library should head to their video manager when signed into YouTube. From there you can browse the tracks in a number of different ways, including mood, genre, instrument, and duration, until you find the perfect fit for your video.

There are, of course, other avenues to explore for royalty-free audio tracks, but the YouTube Audio Library boasts a good selection of tracks of a consistently high quality. They can all be downloaded as 320 kbps MP3 files, and used both on YouTube and elsewhere around the Internetz.

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  1. Mitch Powell:

    RoyalTrax is another great resource if you’re after royalty-free dance music! EDM that can be reused in your videos but RoyalTrax includes proof screenshots and all songs are free to download. or

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