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Can technology as service channel be used to effect change?

January 19, 2009

Can technology as service channel be used to effect change?The national inclination these days seems to be leaning toward service, social change and doing things that are for the overall social good. It helps that social media and new technology have made it incredibly easy to give money and find ways to give time to your favorite causes.

Obama has focused on two main CTO candidates

January 19, 2009

Obama has been building a strong cabinet of advisers, but the position that was initially one of the most contested by political pundits is not yet filled: National CTO. The benefits of having a National CTO (Chief Technical Officer) are not entirely clear. If reports can be believed, Obama may have quelled some of the pundits’ concerns by limiting the CTO’s power.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver turn to social web to build consensus

January 11, 2009

If you hadn’t noticed yet, the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has joined the ranks of Twitter users in politics. He isn’t alone – his wife, Maria Shriver, has been building a Twitter presence as well. They haven’t stopped at Twitter, though. They’ve also been incorporating web based widgets for budget initiatives and other online points of contact.

The New York Times’ Congress API opens, first step toward government transparency in US

January 10, 2009

This week marked the opening by the New york Times of the Congress API (application programming interface) to the public for the first time ever. Is this the first step toward a truly transparent government? The hope is that this will begin to put the power of information back into the hands of the people through technology. The fact that a major news outlet had to be the one to take the reigns and not Congress itself is a pretty big statement on its own.

Verizon in bed with Microsoft Live Search for mobile phones

January 7, 2009

In today’s keynote address at the CES 2009 convention in Las Vegas, NV, Steve Ballmer announced a variety of things, including the new Microsoft – Verizon partnership for mobile search and other mobile networking features. This was met with mixed reaction from Verizon users online.

Senator Kohl looked into text messaging price gouging by cell phone carriers

January 7, 2009

Text messaging has become the communication method of choice for many of us, myself included. It is something that people take for granted while at the same time wondering why it is so expensive when the data chunks are so small. One Senator polled the cell phone providers to find out their reasoning behind the 100 percent price increases year after year.

Alcohol, the Internet and the Big Apple

January 6, 2009

Alcohol, the Internet and the Big AppleAlcohol, the Internet and the Big Apple – what do they have in common? Nothing on the surface, but if you put them all together you may just have a recession-proof business. That is what the guys behind are finding out.

Football jock may want World of Warcraft name change

January 4, 2009

Football jock may want World of Warcraft name changeFootball is not really known for having colorful characters. It has a few scary ones with prison records, and a few unfaithful ones with relationship issues that make the press, but so far nothing that can be called amusingly colorful. It’s definitely gotten a reputation as a thug sport, so a little playfulness certainly wouldn’t hurt. One football punter may change all that if his recent interview can be believed.

Foolproof kitchen counter computerized beer brewing

January 3, 2009

Foolproof kitchen counter computerized beer brewingAll in one gadget lovers and beer drinkers can now rejoice. Coming down the pike is a gadget that will be the best of both worlds: the all in one, under the counter, computerized beer brewing machine. Computers and beer? How than that possibly be bad?

Twithority, twinfluence: influence is about more than follower count

December 30, 2008

The recent rash of metric based applications that use follower count to determine “influence” are pushing the social media landscape in a wholly unwelcome direction. Do we really want to continue down this path and create a problem of Nigerian Spam Mail proportions as the atmosphere becomes more rife with get-rich-quick schemes and smarmy snake oil salesmen? I hope not, since the trust factor of social media has always been its biggest asset.

Review: Samsung i900 Omnia a contender, but won’t knock iPhone out of top spot

December 27, 2008

Judging the Samsung Omnia based on looks alone, you are almost forced to compare it to the iPhone. It has taken its look and feel almost exactly from the iPhone model of cell phone design. The wide, glossy touch screen offers a lot of acreage for use, but much of that acreage is lost in the incessant popping-up of the “keyboard” interface and the odd Samsung menu strip on the home page.

Can Obama really deliver broadband access to all as a basic right?

December 21, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama has been detailing his plans for America when he takes office in January 2009, and technology is at the top of his list as a major facet to fixing another big issue facing us – the economy. His vision that technology can be a key factor in a global economic recovery is dead on, I think. His opinion that Americans lag far behind others in technology opportunities and technology itself is also correct.

Web conferencing tools for Mac, Windows and Linux

December 21, 2008

After a very frustrating experience attempting to use WebEx on my MacBook, I was inspired to do a bit of research into some alternative Web conferencing tools. There are plenty out there that are platform specific, but I wanted to find a few that were compatible with all three operating systems: Mac, Windows and Linux. I sent out a call to my Twitter network to see what was out there, and was pleasantly surprised that there was more than one option.

WebNotes online personal productivity and research tool helps you annotate the web

December 10, 2008

Today marks the first day of the WebNotes invite-only beta. WebNotes is a personal productivity tool for online research that was created by six alumni from MIT in Massachusetts. Spearheaded by Ryan Damico and Alex King, the group has created a better way to do your research online, with additional applications such as personal productivity.

How To Install Word Press

December 9, 2008

Installing Word Press on your own server space only sounds intimidating. It’s actually a fairly easy process that can be accomplished in a few steps. The most important part of the whole thing is backing up your data, just in case something goes awry.

Xtract helps companies tap into their existing social advertising network

December 6, 2008

I have written about the concept of social advertising before, as a means to help improve a company’s chances in a changing economy. The idea of social advertising is starting to give rise to a whole new set of products devoted to it, from software to help companies focus on their existing social networks to companies trying to convince people to spam their personal networks with ad-based links.

UK largest indie music player, Pinnacle, goes bankrupt

December 5, 2008

It’s hard to tell if the financial collapse of Pinnacle, the UK’s largest online indie music player and distributor, is caused by the global economy changing and evolving during this downturn or the ongoing issues with the music industry in general. The news is surprising in light of the success of the music player.

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