How to get extra credit at Rank My Hack

August 23, 2011

How to get extra credit at Rank My HackA new website aims to allow hackers to compete in a ranking system. But here at Blorge we think there should be a few bonus points on offer.

RankMyHack isn’t a Hot or Not style site to compare the physical attractiveness of the hackers. Indeed, the whole point is that the site isn’t based on reader ratings. Instead it’s intended to be a more objective measure of the skills of hackers.

To move up the rankings, contestants must hack a site so that it includes a particular piece of reference code. Contestants earn points determined by the popularity of the site and the complexity of the attack. (Before anyone gets any funny ideas, there are currently no points available for hacking Blorge.) The highest single-scoring hack so far is on Huffington Post by a contestant named Mudkip who, not surprisingly, is also the overall leader by some distance. There’s also extra points on offer for targeting sites with a “bounty” such as those of the Ku Klux Klan or the British National Party.

But here’s a few extra activities that should be good for some bonus points:

  • Hacking the RankMyHack website itself. Obvious but inevitable. Extra credit if you can blame it on Anonymous.
  • Hacking RankMyHack’s ranking system to put yourself at the top. Frankly this should mean you automatically win the game.
  • Paying a third world worker at below US minimum wage to accumulate points on your behalf.
  • Starting a full-on message board flame war about whether the reward for particular sites should depend more on the number of visitors or the nature of the site’s content.
  • Getting convicted of a hacking charge with RankMyHack cited by name in the subsequent court documents.
  • Getting hired by a company you hacked as part of the contest.
  • Successfully bringing charges against the site’s creators for incitement to commit a criminal offense.
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