You can now edit your dumb Facebook comments

June 22, 2012

That dumb comment you made on Facebook can now be edited rather than deleted. Grammar Nazis rejoice.

We all say things we shouldn’t say from time to time, and the more anally retentive of us then spends hours, days, or even weeks wishing we could take it back. But once said, always said, at least in real-life. That isn’t the case on social networks, however, which allows you to edit comments to your heart’s content.

The wasteland that is Google+ started this trend, and now Facebook is joining them. It’s actually been possible to edit Facebook comments for around a year now, but only for 30 seconds after posting. At that point the comment became locked, with your poor spelling and grammar, or inanity and dumbness, remaining on the site for ever more. There was the option to delete the comment instead, but that’s somewhat underhanded.

Now, according to The Next Web, Facebook has embraced more editing options, with the 30-second time limit being dropped. Anyone can now edit their Facebook comments to their heart’s content, even retrospectively years after they first went live on the site. Unlike Google+, this only applies to comments and not full-fledged status updates, which remain (for the time being at least) static once posted.

This isn’t quite the get-out-of-prison card you may be hoping for though. If you edit a comment, an ‘Edited’ note is added underneath it to tell the whole world you’ve been fine-tuning your words. If anyone clicks on ‘Edited’ they’ll see a full transcript of the edits made to that particular comment. So it would still be preferable to get it right the first time.

This move by Facebook has elicited cries that Zuckerberg and co. have just started copying from Google+ rather than innovating. Perhaps they have with this one feature, but Google+ owes a lot more to Facebook than Facebook does to Google+. Its very existence for one thing.

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