January 24, 2007

We serve the global IT community.

Our mission is to provide gutsy, honest and informed coverage and comment on key technology news and issues, without fear or favor.

We want to inform, stimulate and entertain our readers. We want to a fresh, independent perspective.

Our motto is “technology with attitude”

A team of experienced writers from around the world work to bring you fresh news every day.

BLORGE is broken up into several sections:

TECH.BLORGE covers general computing and technology.

WINDOWS.BLORGE covers Microsoft and the Windows operating system.

MAC.BLORGE covers Apple, Macintosh and various related  products.

IPHONETOUCH.BLORGE focuses on the very popular iPhone and iPod Touch.

GAMER.BLORGE covers gaming, in particular Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

MOBILE.BLORGE is a new blog that covers mobile technology, in particular cell phones.

BUY.BLORGE features buying guides.

PHOTO.BLORGE covers digital photography.

Please note that all content on BLORGE is copyright (c) 2009 Cogent Insights Pty Ltd.

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