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Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalled

September 14, 2012

Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalledMost virus creators rely on exploiting human behavior such as tricking people into clicking bogus links. Now it appears scammers in China find it simpler to just put the virus on the computer before the customer even gets it.

Samsung accused of child labor abuses

September 5, 2012

Samsung accused of child labor abusesIt seems mobile gadget design isn’t the only area where Samsung is uncomfortably reminiscent of Apple. Now the company stands accused of having its devices made in factories that abuse both adult and child laborers.

Google’s Nexus Q is made in the USA

June 28, 2012

Google's Nexus Q is made in the USAWhat a novel concept, building electronic gadgets in the good old USA.  Most of our devices are manufactured in Korea or China. We all know that Apple products are made by Foxconn in China.  The fact that Google has decided to manufacture it’s new home media device in the United States may be the start of an American manufacturing renaissance.

Mike Daisey’s disgrace tops his lies

March 28, 2012

This American Life’s January airing of a Mike Daisey monologue, which was later shown to be riddled with lies and exaggerations, was the centerpiece of the radio program’s most listened to and downloaded episode of all time. That mark stood for a bit more than two months only to be eclipsed by the episode that detailed Daisey’s fall from grace.

US rare earth mine on the mend

February 25, 2012

Back in 1998, an “environmental disaster” shut Molycorp’s Mountain Pass open pit mine. Up until then, most of the rare earth metals used to manufacturer everything from cellphones to wind turbines were produced there, but the cost grew too high. Ten-plus years later, China’s resource brinksmanship has brought the facility back to life.

Foxconn wage increases pinch competitors

February 20, 2012

Figuring out what’s really going in China at the factories where Apple’s iPhone and iPad are manufactured isn’t easy. There’s the back and forth between the New York Times and Apple, as well as Foxconn and Chinese public opinion. Toss in Cupertino’s proactive efforts, which likely predate the Times’ reporting of the issues, to expand and toughen its inspection regime and, well, it’s not easy.

Apple spanks New York Times over China reporting

February 17, 2012

And, pathetic squeals of indignation result. Apple has announced a major Mac operating system upgrade, OS X Mountain Lion, and The New York Times wasn’t invited to the prerelease briefings, a major snub for the paper of record which has received privileged access to products and executives for years.

Is anyone surprised? Apple workers treated better

February 15, 2012

Antennagate? Seriously, get a case or don’t hold it way. Locationgate? So much to do about nothing. The issue of worker treatment is, however, far more serious. Yet, here again, the attention Apple gets because it’s Apple is way out of proportion to what’s actually happening on the ground — imagine that.

Apple fanboys demand ethical iPhone 5

February 1, 2012

Even the fanboys are starting to see how wrong Apple’s laissez-faire attitude to its supply chain workers is. Wonders will never cease.

Apple names 156 suppliers, aims to reduce abuse

January 15, 2012

Liberal is as liberal does. Although Tim Cook isn’t the only gay CEO in the technology business, he is easily the most visible. Likewise Apple isn’t the only company which claims to take labor rights and environmental issues seriously, yet the Cupertino, California-based iPhone, iPad and Mac maker is routinely the only name mentioned in those contexts.

China launches own GPS-like network

December 27, 2011

China launches own GPS-like networkChina has launched ten satellites that will make up a geo-positioning network designed as an alternative to GPS. While compatible with existing technology, Beidou is intended to make sure China isn’t reliant on foreign systems.

How drunk? RIM execs ‘chewed through restraints’

December 10, 2011

Falling down really doesn’t begin to cover it. Whereas we’ve all heard about the pair of Research in Motion executives so drunk and unruly they got thrown off an Air Canada flight to China, it’s just now becoming clear just how disruptive and out of control they were.

Chinese firms agree to more censorship

November 7, 2011

Chinese firms agree to more censorshipChinese Internet companies have agreed to crackdown on online political criticism, pornography, rumors and scams. In other words, most of the Internet.

US government demands for Google data up 29 percent

October 26, 2011

US government demands for Google data up 29 percentThe United States made the most government demands for Google to hand over user details during the first half of this year. But it also had the highest percentage of claims Google considered legally valid.

Major web security attack blamed on unnamed country

October 12, 2011

Major web security attack blamed on unnamed countryRSA says attacks on its web security system that put US defense contractors at greater risk were ordered by a nation state. It’s not naming names, and thus passing on any guesses at this stage would simply be Chinese whispers.

A call for more Jobs

September 13, 2011

Bill Gates gets a lot of press for his philanthropic work, changing lives through charity. Steve Jobs gets credit for changing lives with highly personal products, little revolutions that you carry around in bag or pocket. The next revolution I’d like to see from the Apple chairman is how and where those products are made.

Steve Jobs is a nobody, in China at least

August 31, 2011

Steve Jobs led Apple from near total collapse to the top of the tech pile. But he’s still a nobody.

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