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Google TV will get Chromecast support

July 25, 2013

Google TV will get Chromecast supportSome of you might be wondering if Google TV has just become obsolete. It hasn’t. It was announced earlier today that Google TV will actually receive Chromecast support at some unspecified time in the future.

Google Drive gets a much needed update

May 23, 2013

Google Drive gets a much needed updateThis has been a busy spring with Google shuttering some services while updating others. One service that has been updated is Google Drive, which combines Google’s online office programs and storage options.  The look and functionality have both seen welcome upgrades that can be found in the Android app and Drive for PC.  Drive for iPhone and iPad will see the updates soon.

Spammers slam Spamhaus with nuclear DDOS attack

March 27, 2013

Spammers slam Spamhaus with nuclear DDOS attackUsually when two people or companies get into a spat, very few bystanders get affected.  This time a spat between Spamhaus and Cyberbunker is slowing down the global web.  Everyone seems to have been affected in some way shape or form. It seems that Cyberbunker has unleashed a nuclear denial of service (DDOS) attack in the ongoing grudge match.

Dropbox buys Mailbox in surprise move

March 16, 2013

Mailbox, the iPhone application which helps users organize their gmail accounts with the ability to schedule and reschedule email alerts, has been bought by cloud-based storage company, Dropbox.

‘Barely legal teens’ bothers Apple enough to delete all iCloud emails containing the phrase

March 1, 2013

Macworld UK has come across a rather odd discovery: that Apple’s iCould email service has been deleting any and all emails containing the phrase “barely legal teen” from existence. The discovery has riled many in the blogosphere, which denounce the action as censorship.

Meet Koozoo, your friendly neighborhood big-brotherish videostream

February 28, 2013

There’s a dearth of quality video livestreams in the world, and startup Koozoo is seeking to change that with your old iPhone. The videostreaming service launched today in San Francisco, Cali, and Austin, Texas, and hopes to become the default 24/7 livestreaming (give or take a few seconds) service across the country.

Introducing the Chromebook Pixel, the $1,299 web browser

February 22, 2013

Google officially revealed the Chromebook Pixel, the first high-end laptop designed and manufactured by the search giant, on Thursday. The announcement marks a sharp turn towards the premium crowd for the Chromebook series, which, according to Wired, can retail for as little as $200 at Best Buy. It’s also a direct shot off of Apple’s high-end bow.

Four solutions to backing up your data online

February 1, 2013

If you don’t have a backup plan for your computer you’re courting disaster. And if you’re in a disaster an external drive might get damaged. Fortunately there’s a variety of services out there for online backups, and they just happened to make it to Macworld 2013. Here’s a breakdown of the various backup programs which made an appearance on Macworld 2013′s expo hall floor. 

The death of privacy part DCCLIV: refrigerator edition

January 13, 2013

The next major security maze set for the tech industry to navigate isn’t Washington, nor is it apps, it’s things. Stuff. Objects like an internet-connected thermostat which can gather data on your preferred temperatures and automatically adjust. An object which could heat your living room before you return from work. This is, as Wired‘s Andrew Rose writes, the next big security problem. This is the “Internet of Things.”

Evernote spins off a subsidiary for its European users

November 21, 2012

Evernote spins off a subsidiary for its Eurpean usersEvernote Corporation, based in California has spun off a subsidiary called Evernote GmbH based in Zurich, Switzerland. The subsidiary is wholly owned by the California company but it will be the entity managing the service for users outside the United States.  This allows the subsidiary to handle all business outside the US in accordance with Swiss law. 

Pogoplug partners with Amazon to offer affordable cloud storage family plans

September 6, 2012

pogoplug_iconPogoplug is pairing up with Amazon to offer not only its own storage devices but also online archival storage.  That means that your information will be accessible even if your hard drive dies, gets a nasty virus, or you just upgrade your computer.  They are also offering family plans that come with a free Pogoplug device to get you started.

Farmers keep up with the what, where and when of farming with FarmLogs

August 5, 2012

Farmers keep up with the what, where and when of farming with FarmLogsAnyone who has ever played one of the simulated farming games on Facebook knows that it can be hard to keep up with when you need to check back in to reap your crops or water your plants.  Imagine a several thousand acre real farm with a variety of different crops in different fields and you can imagine the logistical issues that could, ahem, crop up. FarmLogs helps keep up with all the details and makes them easy to find for daily, weekly and monthly planning purposes.

United updates speed of in-flight WiFi

July 21, 2012

United updates speed of in-flight WiFiGogo’s WiFi service lets you use your WiFi enabled devices while flying between destinations (remember: You can’t use devices on the runway).  For those who can’t be parted from the internet, this is a very useful service that is about to be upgraded, at least on United’s premium flights.

Google’s Nexus Q is made in the USA

June 28, 2012

Google's Nexus Q is made in the USAWhat a novel concept, building electronic gadgets in the good old USA.  Most of our devices are manufactured in Korea or China. We all know that Apple products are made by Foxconn in China.  The fact that Google has decided to manufacture it’s new home media device in the United States may be the start of an American manufacturing renaissance.

Evernote has apps for remembering people and food

June 24, 2012

Evernote has apps for remembering people and foodOne of the best note taking apps, working across all platforms from computers, to tablets to mobile phones, Evernote has come up with two apps, “Hello” and “Evernote Food” on Android.  Hello helps you remember names while Evernote Food helps you remember great meals at home, in restaurants, or with friends.

Nvidia gets graphical in battle for speed

May 16, 2012

Nvidia gets graphical in battle for speedNvidia is putting graphics rather than standard processors at the heart of two different projects. One is to bring high-spec gaming to ordinary mobile devices, while the other is to produce the world’s most powerful computer.

Google Apps gets another big government contract

May 2, 2012

Google Apps gets another big government contractGoogle has won a contract to supply e-mail services to another US government department. It’s a surprise decision to say the least, given that the same department’s decision to use Microsoft two years ago led to a Google lawsuit.

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