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Google still facing punishment in Europe

September 21, 2012

Google still facing punishment in EuropeGoogle has offered some concessions to settle claims that it unfairly restricts search competition in Europe — but the man in charge of competition policy there says Google hasn’t gone far enough yet and could face penalties.

Google’s Star Trek doodle is fun to play with

September 8, 2012

Google's Star Trek doodle is fun to play withUnlike a lot of Google’s doodles that are interesting homages to inventors, painters, and important events, today’s doodle commemorates the 46th anniversary of the original Star Trek.  Unlike most doodles that have limited movement or interactivity, this doodle is very engaging.

Google gifts Nexus 7 prime advertising spot on homepage

August 28, 2012

Google really wants you to buy a Nexus 7 tablet. No, I mean really really. So much so it has gifted the device a prime advertising spot on its homepage.

Google+ vanity URLs for celebrities, brands

August 13, 2012

Google has started rolling out vanity URLs to the biggest celebrities and brands currently using its Google+ social network. Whether us mere mortals will also be afforded the pleasure of being ourselves rather than a random series of numbers remains to be seen.

Google’s employees benefit from death

August 9, 2012

Google has long been known for its very generous employee benefits. The company has from the start gone out of its way to keep its workforce happy and healthy, with the idea being that that happiness and healthiness contributes to productivity and consequently the bottom line. But it has now taken the idea a step further, in fact as far as you can take it.

Google reads the writing on the wall

August 9, 2012

Google reads the writing on the wallGoogle Translate is a clever piece of technology, as is Google Goggles. Stick them together and traveling aboard just became a whole lot easier.

Gmail messages to appear in Google search results

August 9, 2012

Gmail messages to appear in Google search resultsGoogle is working on including messages from your Gmail account in the results when you use its main search engine. While it could be useful for some, it will need incredibly careful handling to avoid further raising privacy concerns.

Google launches ludicrously fast broadband

July 27, 2012

Google launches ludicrously fast broadbandGoogle has officially launched a 1Gbps broadband service. And that’s not a typo.

So which city will benefit from this mega-fast (or rather giga-fast) service? New York? San Francisco? LA?

Web giants form Internet Assocation lobby group

July 26, 2012

Web giants form Internet Assocation lobby groupFour of the most prominent websites are among those forming a new lobbying group to promote Internet forms. Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google are the first known members of the Internet Association.

Google may avoid European court battle

July 25, 2012

Google may avoid European court battleThe European Union has announced it is in serious talks to reach a settlement with Google in an ongoing antitrust case. The settlement would avoid a lengthy court case and the potential for large fines.

YouTube wants trolls to name and shame themselves

July 24, 2012

YouTube wants trolls to name and shame themselvesYouTube has begun suggesting to users that they use their real name when making comments. It’s a plan that will work perfectly assuming every one is a Google+ user and can’t bring themselves to tell a lie.

Google+ beats Facebook, for satisfaction

July 17, 2012

Google+ has overtaken Facebook. Unfortunately only in terms of customer satisfaction. Not that that’s unimportant, but more users and more of everything else would be preferable.

Google facing $22.5 million fine for Apple sneakiness

July 11, 2012

Google facing $22.5 million fine for Apple sneakinessGoogle is reported to have agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle claims that it broke promises about respecting consumer privacy. The fine would be the highest ever paid to the Federal Trade Commission.

Google Nexus 7 reviews are in – all the tablet you’re ever likely to need

June 29, 2012

The Google Nexus 7 offers real value for money, but it’s not perfect. Still, it’s all the tablet most people are ever likely to need.

YouTube to crack down on crass comments

June 29, 2012

YouTube to crack down on crass commentsRecently a joke did the social media rounds about how you could recreate the YouTube experience on your TV set by taping a sheet of paper full of racist comments to the bottom of the screen. Now the company says it’s time to crack down on such abuses — but it isn’t ready to say how.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is affordable and fast

June 28, 2012

Google's Nexus 7 is affordable and fastGoogle has indeed decided to go into the hardware business.  It’s new tablet called the Nexus 7 will be running the companies newest version of Android called Jelly Bean or Android 4.1.  It isn’t the software that makes it so fast, it’s the technology used in the tablet that makes this $199 tablet more of a competitor to Samsung’s seven inch tablets than the Kindle Fire.

Google’s Nexus Q is made in the USA

June 28, 2012

Google's Nexus Q is made in the USAWhat a novel concept, building electronic gadgets in the good old USA.  Most of our devices are manufactured in Korea or China. We all know that Apple products are made by Foxconn in China.  The fact that Google has decided to manufacture it’s new home media device in the United States may be the start of an American manufacturing renaissance.

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