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AT&T to launch 300 Mbps broadband to fight Google

October 1, 2013

AT&T to launch 300 Mbps broadband to fight GoogleAT&T is taking the battle for ultra-fast broadband to the streets of Austin, Texas. But it’s Google-challenging gigabit service will only be around a third of the headline speed for the first few months.

YouTube launches royalty-free music library

September 26, 2013

new-youtube-logoYou need never worry about finding the right song for your YouTube video again, as the site has rolled out the YouTube Audio Library. This is a specially-commissioned set of royalty-free instrumental tracks available for anyone to use on YouTube and beyond.

Google homepage goes even more low key

September 20, 2013 world’s most visited webpage is getting another makeover. is to get even more minimalist and it may partially be a way to push the Google+ social network.

Google plans alternative to cookies

September 18, 2013

Google plans alternative to cookiesGoogle is said to be working on a new ad-tracking tool that would replace the need for cookies. However, it would be limited by inherently being a voluntary technology.

Android turns pie into chocolate with KitKat update

September 4, 2013

Android turns pie into chocolate with KitKat updateIn one of the stranger promotional tie-ins, Google has announced the next edition of the Android operating system will be called KitKat. No money is changing hands, but it’s still a bit of a gamble.

Google on patent lawsuits: We won’t sue first

August 9, 2013

Google has been involved in its fair share of patent lawsuits, particularly since taking over Motorola. But now its expanded a program in which it promises not to launch a first strike lawsuit.

Google testing ‘universal translator’ prototype

July 28, 2013

universal-translatorI speak English fluently, and I know a little French and German. But that is as far as my language skills stretch. What I really need is a universal translator that does all the hard work for me.

Google TV will get Chromecast support

July 25, 2013

Google TV will get Chromecast supportSome of you might be wondering if Google TV has just become obsolete. It hasn’t. It was announced earlier today that Google TV will actually receive Chromecast support at some unspecified time in the future.

Gmail disguises ads as emails

July 24, 2013

Google has defended a new advertising tool that makes ads appear as if they were legitimate e-mails. It says the new system is less obtrusive for most users.

‘OK Glass’ command beat out several of other ideas

July 21, 2013

'OK Glass' command beat out several of other ideasOK Glass, how did this all come about?

Will Apple’s acquisition of HopStop improve Apple Maps?

July 20, 2013

Will Apple's acquisition of HopStop Improve Apple Maps?Apple did a little Christmas in July purchasing this month by acquiring transit service to help improve its highly criticized Maps app.

New Nexus 7 leaks, Google to reveal all on July 24

July 19, 2013

google-nexus-7The new Nexus 7, the second-generation of the Google-branded Android tablet, has leaked ahead of an official unveiling on July 24. The new hardware looks to offer slight improvements on its predecessor across the board, but those improvements are going to come at a price. Literally.

Researchers Discover Method Of Printing Liquid Metal

July 18, 2013

Buckyball-in-3D.pngResearchers from North Carolina State University have developed a method for printing liquid metal, which could help bring the rare material into the mainstream.

EU: Google must do more to avoid anti-trust punishment

July 18, 2013

EU: Google must do more to avoid anti-trust punishmentEuropean competition officials say they aren’t happy with Google’s proposals to settle claims that it unfairly exploits its dominance of the search market. It’s another step in a battle of brinksmanship that could wind up in court.

Google explores online TV package deals

July 17, 2013

Google explores online TV package dealsGoogle is joining the ranks of firms that think they could make money offering traditional television stations over the Internet. But the logistical barriers still appear extremely tough.

Microsoft smart watch will be Windows on the Surface

July 15, 2013

Microsoft smart watch will be Windows on the SurfaceWindows 8 on your wrist? It could happen.

Three Ways To Replace Google Reader

July 1, 2013

new-digg-logoIt’s Monday, Google’s RSS offering, Google Reader, is officially gone. The RSS reader’s demise has been a very long, very public, affair, spurring posts of outrage, confusion and acceptance.

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