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OK Cupid charges extra to filter out ugly folk

October 4, 2013

OK Cupid charges extra to filter out ugly folkDating website OKCupid has added two new features to its premium memberships: the ability to filter by body type and the ability to filter by attractiveness.

The Silk Road, AKA The ‘Amazon Of Drugs,’ Shut Down By Law Enforcement

October 3, 2013

silk-roadThere’s an intriguing faux “Chinese curse” stemming from Colonial British times. It goes like this: “May you live in interesting times.” The seemingly innocuous curse is often associated with the desire for disorder or law enforcement to be visited on its victim. And if you’re a vendor, or customer, of The Silk Road, boy, your times just got a lot more interesting.

AT&T to launch 300 Mbps broadband to fight Google

October 1, 2013

AT&T to launch 300 Mbps broadband to fight GoogleAT&T is taking the battle for ultra-fast broadband to the streets of Austin, Texas. But it’s Google-challenging gigabit service will only be around a third of the headline speed for the first few months.

YouTube launches royalty-free music library

September 26, 2013

new-youtube-logoYou need never worry about finding the right song for your YouTube video again, as the site has rolled out the YouTube Audio Library. This is a specially-commissioned set of royalty-free instrumental tracks available for anyone to use on YouTube and beyond.

To The Chagrin Of Taxi Lobbists, California Legalizes Ridesharing

September 23, 2013

uber_606Watch out, taxis: ridesharing is legal in California.

Last Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted unanimously (5-0) for the legalization of ridesharing programs within the state, offering a safe passage for companies operating in legal limbo within the state.

60 Mbps broadband coming to planes

September 12, 2013

60 Mbps broadband coming to planesVirgin America has announced plans for 60 Mbps internet access on flights next year, up to 10 times current speeds. It’s possible thanks to a hybrid system getting signals from above and below the plane.

Twitter crosses the (blue) line with new conversation feature

August 30, 2013

Twitter has added some blue lines to its UI, and caused consternation amongst the masses. Is Twitter ruining its user experience in order to go public?

Zuckerberg: Slim apps the key to global Internet

August 22, 2013

Zuckerberg: Slim apps the key to global InternetFacebook has announced a partnership aimed at expanding Internet access to the billions of people who are still offline. It’s based on the idea that mobile phones are the key in less connected areas.

LinkedIn now available to kids

August 21, 2013

LinkedIn now available to kidsLinkedIn is to let children as young as 13 join its site. It’s not so much a way to network your way to a paper route as a form of extremely early preparation for college.

Ouya launches Free The Games Fund to encourage indie developers

August 9, 2013

ouya-free-the-games-fundIn an effort to bolster the number of games on its platform, Ouya is offering $1 million to indie developers willing to create games that will, for six months at least, be exclusive to the Ouya console.

Why U.K. porn ban is wrong, dangerous, scary

July 27, 2013

porn-posterBritish Prime Minister David Cameron recently declared that Internet porn would be banned by default for all U.K. citizens. This is wrong, dangerous, and scary on so many levels.

Patent troll defeated over Web claims

July 23, 2013

Patent troll defeated over Web claimsA firm that claimed it held key patents on basic World Wide Web functions has lost a final court battle. Eolas had already collected multi-million dollar lawsuits from a range of tech giants.

Bush, anarchy and Muhammad most controversial on Wikipedia

July 19, 2013

Bush, anarchy and Muhammad most controversial on WikipediaGeorge W Bush has been named the most controversial subject on English-language Wikipedia by University of Oxford researchers. They also found religion was a hot topic across all languages and countries.

Hasta la vista, Alta Vista

July 2, 2013

Hasta la vista, Alta VistaBefore Google, Bing and even Ask Jeeves, there was Alta Vista. But now it’s been confirmed that one of the oldest search engines will close next Monday.

Vine falls to Video on Instagram

June 28, 2013

When video arrived on Instagram there was immediate speculation that this was going to have an adverse effect on Vine. And so it has come to pass, with early stats suggesting Vine is suffering now that people can use Instagram instead.

Uber Expands Despite Crackdown In L.A.

June 25, 2013

uber_606Like a passenger looking for a cab during rush hour, it seems the three major ridesharing applications — Uber, Lyft and SideCar — are trying their luck with every regulatory vehicle that passes by. When some chances pass by, others approach.

Will The Midwest Finally Get Its Startup Scene?

June 22, 2013

Google-Fiber1The idea that tech startups are limited to Silicon Valley has been defunct for some time now. After all, there’s Silicon Alley — New York City’s digital scene — and a good deal of quality startups in Boston. But could a thriving startup environment also be found in the Midwest, including, of all places, Kansas City Missouri?

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