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Did Apple steal Swiss Railways clock?

September 20, 2012

Apple could be in a spot of legal bother, with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) claiming the Cupertino-based company has infringed on one of its trademarks. All of a sudden the shoe is on the other foot.

Apple sues Polish grocer, claims worldwide fruit rights

September 13, 2012

Apple sues Polish grocer, claims worldwide fruit rightsWe in Britain have a particularly versatile slang phrase “taking the piss.” It can mean gently ribbing a friend, light mockery, or pushing your luck beyond the limits of reason. Apple’s latest legal action is a perfect example of the last definition.

Pirate Bay co-founder to be deported from Cambodia

September 4, 2012

Pirate Bay co-founder to be deported from CambodiaOne of the Pirate Bay founders may actually serve jail time after being arrested in Cambodia. Officials there say they are prepared to deport him, though they can’t confirm if and how he will wind up in his native Sweden.

Bruce Willis battling Apple over iTunes collection

September 3, 2012

Bruce Willis is, according to sources, considering legal action against Apple to ensure his offspring inherit his iTunes music collection. But the law isn’t fully understood, and the story not exactly watertight.

Joel Tenenbaum pays for music piracy

August 24, 2012

Joel Tenenbaum, one of the few people caught sharing copyrighted content online who decided not to pay up to make it all go away, has been told to, well, pay up.

German law firm to name and shame “porn downloaders”

August 24, 2012

German law firm to name and shame A law firm in Germany is to begin publicly naming Internet users it believes have infringed copyright by sharing hardcore pornography without permission. A company insider says Urmann will start by targeting those users most likely to be embarrassed by such publicity, though officially its denying that claim.

Piracy site owner jailed despite hosting no content

August 15, 2012

Piracy site owner jailed despite hosting no contentFor many years operators of questionable video content sites assumed they are untouchable if they don’t actually host any copyright-infringing material. That assumption has proved incorrect in several countries, with theUnited Kingdomthe latest example.

FTC: Facebook scammed app developers

August 14, 2012

FTC: Facebook scammed app developersThe Federal Trade Commission has accused Facebook of ripping off app developers with a bogus verification scheme. It says the company may have made almost a hundred thousand dollars without actually doing any work.

Filesharing site Demonoid in triple turmoil

August 8, 2012

Filesharing site Demonoid in triple turmoilAs with Pirate Bay, it may always be too early to declare filesharing site Demonoid completely deal. But the site is currently unavailable and its operators have suffered three significant blows.

Patent trolling could get costly

August 2, 2012

Patent trolling could get costlyPatent “holders” who bring frivolous lawsuits could be forced to pay the legal costs of defendants under proposed legislation. A bi-partisan bill would apply to trolls and “legitimate” users alike.

Anonymous fights trademark application

August 1, 2012

And the award for ‘Best Idea Of The Year’ goes to Early Flicker, a company trying to trademark the logo and slogan used by Anonymous.

Apple & Samsung’s court battle begins

July 31, 2012

Apple & Samsung's court battle beginsWhile many major portable gadget manufacturers have been engaged in patent wars for the past few years, most cases are either thrown out by judges, tied up in injunctions, or wind up in a pre-trial settlement. Not so for Apple and Samsung who today begin a full-blown trial in what Samsung is dismissing as a “fighting over rectangles.”

Google may avoid European court battle

July 25, 2012

Google may avoid European court battleThe European Union has announced it is in serious talks to reach a settlement with Google in an ongoing antitrust case. The settlement would avoid a lengthy court case and the potential for large fines.

EU goes after 13 optical disk drive companies for price fixing

July 24, 2012

EU goes after 13 optical disk drive companies for price fixingThe European Union (EU) is investigating possible price fixing by 13 optical disk drive companies over the past five years.  The EU has a policy of not naming companies involved in preliminary investigations. The 13 companies are accused of being part of a worldwide cartel violating EU antitrust laws by coordinating their bids while going after contracts with two OEM manufacturers. 

Megaupload judge: US is the enemy

July 18, 2012

Megaupload judge: US is the enemyThe New Zealand judge who was to decide if Megaupload’s founder should be extradited to the United States has quit the case. Judge David Harvey was forced to step down after describing the US as “the enemy”.

Microsoft screws up ‘browser ballot’

July 17, 2012

Microsoft screws up 'browser ballot'Microsoft says a technical error caused it to breach a European Union order to prompt all Windows customers to consider rival internet browsers. But the statement came too late to prevent an official probe that could theoretically lead to a $7 billion fine.

Google facing $22.5 million fine for Apple sneakiness

July 11, 2012

Google facing $22.5 million fine for Apple sneakinessGoogle is reported to have agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle claims that it broke promises about respecting consumer privacy. The fine would be the highest ever paid to the Federal Trade Commission.

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