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Obama rules for Apple over Samsung

October 9, 2013

Obama rules for Apple over SamsungThe White House has refused to intervene to stop an import ban on Samsung devices alleged to breach Apple patents. It may be the correct decision on the facts of the case, but certainly creates a politically awkward situation.

White House faces tricky decision on Samsung import ban

October 8, 2013

White House faces tricky decision on Samsung import banThe Obama administration must today decide whether to block a proposed ban on Samsung importing some phones alleged to breach Apple patents. Normal practice would likely mean letting the ban take effect, but that could create claims of corporate and national bias.

The Silk Road, AKA The ‘Amazon Of Drugs,’ Shut Down By Law Enforcement

October 3, 2013

silk-roadThere’s an intriguing faux “Chinese curse” stemming from Colonial British times. It goes like this: “May you live in interesting times.” The seemingly innocuous curse is often associated with the desire for disorder or law enforcement to be visited on its victim. And if you’re a vendor, or customer, of The Silk Road, boy, your times just got a lot more interesting.

Net Neutrality Rears Its Head In Court. Here’s What’s Being Argued.

September 11, 2013

net-neutralityA federal appeals court listened to arguments between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Verizon on Monday in a case which could alter the shape of the Internet as we know it. And, it appears, not in a way that most Internet citizens would prefer.

Ministry Of Sound says playlists are copyrighted

September 6, 2013

Ministry Of Sound says playlists are copyrightedA dance music firm that releases compilation albums is suing Spotify for letting users play the relevant songs in the same order. Ministry of Sound says users creating such playlists breaches its copyright.

Samsung in new labor conditions scandal

August 14, 2013

Samsung in new labor conditions scandalWe’ve heard numerous stories of major tech firms being embroiled in scandals over labour conditions in the Far East. Now Samsung is facing a $108 million penalty over alleged labor violations in Brazil.

Google on patent lawsuits: We won’t sue first

August 9, 2013

Google has been involved in its fair share of patent lawsuits, particularly since taking over Motorola. But now its expanded a program in which it promises not to launch a first strike lawsuit.

Bang With Friends could be screwed

August 1, 2013

The company behind a particularly creative app for finding a sexual partner looks set to have a hook-up of its own. Unfortunately for the people behind Bang With Friends, that hook-up will be in a courtroom.

Court gags academics who cracked car immobilizers

July 30, 2013

Court gags academics who cracked car immobilizersA British court has barred three security researchers from publishing details of how they were able to crack a security system used on immobilizers by several auto makers. Volkswagen and security firm Thales successfully applied for the court order.

Patent troll defeated over Web claims

July 23, 2013

Patent troll defeated over Web claimsA firm that claimed it held key patents on basic World Wide Web functions has lost a final court battle. Eolas had already collected multi-million dollar lawsuits from a range of tech giants.

EU: Google must do more to avoid anti-trust punishment

July 18, 2013

EU: Google must do more to avoid anti-trust punishmentEuropean competition officials say they aren’t happy with Google’s proposals to settle claims that it unfairly exploits its dominance of the search market. It’s another step in a battle of brinksmanship that could wind up in court.

Boston University sues to ban iPhone, iPad and MacBooks

July 4, 2013

Boston University sues to ban iPhone, iPad and MacBooksBoston University wants to ban the iPad, iPhone 5 and Macbook Air. But this isn’t a campus ban: the university wants a national sales ban based on an alleged patent infringement.

Google Sues The IRS For $83.5 Million

June 28, 2013

google-logoLooking to regain what it’s owed, Google has sued the Internal Revenue Service for a $83.5 million refund, according to a report by Bloomberg.

How The NSA Started Its Metadata Snooping

June 28, 2013

PRISM-and-NSA.jpgWhen President Barack Obama took to the press in February of 2013 he had one goal in mind: to publicly shame the Chinese government for allegedly hacking and stealing information from U.S. industries and government agencies.

Uber Expands Despite Crackdown In L.A.

June 25, 2013

uber_606Like a passenger looking for a cab during rush hour, it seems the three major ridesharing applications — Uber, Lyft and SideCar — are trying their luck with every regulatory vehicle that passes by. When some chances pass by, others approach.

Snapchat launches pointless kiddie version

June 25, 2013

Snapchat launches pointless kiddie versionSnapchat, a photo application inherently unsuitable for pre-teens, has launched a special version for pre-teens. And it’s utterly pointless.

Meet Tempora, The U.K.’s PRISM Surveillance Program

June 21, 2013

GCHQsiteOne of the most secretive spook agencies in the world, the National Security Agency (NSA), has been doing a poor job of late. The agency has been thrust under the public’s eye after former NSA agent Edward Snowden, currently on the lam in Hong Kong, leaked a series of spy programs which trawl massive collections of digital communications for analysis.

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