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Miniature Human Brains Have Been Grown In Dishes, For Science

September 23, 2013

PrintAustrian researchers have grown tiny 3D brains, four millimeters long and complete with distinct regions, in lab dishes. That’s right: we can now grow brains (well, sort of) in petri dishes.

JAXA successfully uses two person command center and artificial intelligence for commercial rocket launch

September 14, 2013

JAXA successfully uses two person command center and artificial intelligence for commercial rocket launchJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a satellite into orbit using only a two men and laptops.  This dramatically scaled down mission control center was able to function so well because the solid state rocket has its own internal artificial intelligence.

Ionic conduction allows gel speaker to work

August 31, 2013

Ionic conduction allows gel speaker to workTake a strip of transparent rubber and incase it between two layers of saltwater gel and what do you get? A speaker. That’s what scientists at Harvard did to prove a point about ionic conduction.

Could a new pill take the place of exercise?

August 21, 2013

Could a new pill take the place of exercise?A new pill tested in mice has been shown to provide many of the same physical benefits as aerobic exercise. Before you get rid of your gym membership and treadmill, you need to realize that it will still be some time before we know if the drug will perform the same in human trials.

Kirobo Blasts Off Into Space And, Hopefully, Hearts

August 6, 2013

kirobo-650x0The first talking ‘robo-astronaut,’ Kirobo, left Earth for the International Space Station on Sunday. If its mission is successful, Kirobo may mark a significant point in human-robot relationships. No, really.

Deceptive Mirrors Has Stores Smiling All The Way To The Bank

August 3, 2013

jobssmileJapanese researchers have developed a system that can make a reflection look like it’s either smiling or frowning.

Now You Can Control Animals With Your Mind

August 3, 2013

rat_1A team of scientists at Harvard Medical School has created an interface that allows humans to move a rat’s tail simply by thinking about it.

New Cell Thermometer Could Help Fight Cancer

August 1, 2013

PW-2013-08-01-Dume-nanothermIn a paper published July 31 in Nature, researchers from Harvard University announced the discovery of a new nanothermometer that could potentially be used to treat cancer.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Read Like A Four Year Old

July 24, 2013

skynet_offProfessors from the Psychology and Computer Science Departments at the University of Illinois at Chicago report that an artificial intelligence program (AI), ConceptNet, has a verbal IQ similar (warning: PDF link) to that of an average four-year-old.

First Baby Screened For Genetic Defects Born, Paves Way For More

July 16, 2013

steve_jobs_babyThe first baby conceived through innovative new artificial reproduction techniques was born healthy and well in May. But baby Connor Levy (not pictured), born to a couple from Philadelphia, started his life a bit differently: he started as an embryo chosen by Dr. Dagan Wells of Oxford University from a batch of others.

How The NSA Started Its Metadata Snooping

June 28, 2013

PRISM-and-NSA.jpgWhen President Barack Obama took to the press in February of 2013 he had one goal in mind: to publicly shame the Chinese government for allegedly hacking and stealing information from U.S. industries and government agencies.

What Google Loon Is And Why It May Not Happen

June 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 11.50.44 PMProject Loon is Google’s latest moonshot project to hit the headlines across the web. The concept is simple: send out a bunch of balloons to float above the Earth to spread access to the Internet to hard-to-reach rural areas with no Internet access.

China is moving into the Detroit auto business

May 13, 2013

China is moving into the Detroit auto businessDetroit and Michigan are experiencing a Chinese invasion.  Chinese car companies are opening offices in Detroit and hiring laid off American auto engineers.  Meanwhile other Chinese businesses are buying up land to create economic zones and cities within Michigan.

Mars One is recruiting people for a one way trip to Mars

April 23, 2013

Mars One is recruiting people for a one way trip to MarsA non-profit group is looking for four people to start a permanent colony on Mars.  The group has opened up the search so anyone can apply online. You can live out your SciFi fantasies and actually head out into space to be one of the first Earth colonies on another planet. The first manned one way trip to Mars is expected to lift off in 2023. 

PowerTrekk’s new charger uses water for instant power to your smartphone

April 22, 2013

PowerTrekk's new charger uses water for instant power to your smartphoneHaving had the misfortune of smartphones that took accidental baths with disastrous consequences, the thought of water anywhere near my phone makes me shudder.  PowerTrekk’s new charger just might change that reaction into a sigh of relief.

Aluminum, air and water form a battery that can power an EV for 1,000 miles

March 31, 2013

Aluminum, air and water form a battery that can power an EV for 1,000 milesMost electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids utilize lithium ion, lithium polymer, or nickel metal hydride batteries. There are inefficiencies in all of them. Most EVs have a range of only 100 miles.  Hybrids usually can achieve electric only distances of about 30 miles.  Those numbers have greatly limited the market for these zero and low emission cars. Phinergy’s metal-air batteries might just change that.

A private space mission will send a married couple to orbit Mars

February 27, 2013

A private space mission will send a married couple to orbit MarsYou’ve heard of budget airlines where the seats are cramped and you pay for everything. Well, a former space tourist wants to send a married couple on a flyby of Mars on what can only be called a budget spaceflight. They won’t necessarily have to pay for everything as they go but the amenities will be sparse and the risk great.

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