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German government: stop using Internet Explorer

September 19, 2012

German government: stop using Internet ExplorerIt’s one thing when internet security firms tell people to give Internet Explorer a wide berth while a bug remains unpatched. It’s another when a national government gives the same advice.

Stuxnet and Flame could have three sister viruses

September 18, 2012

Stuxnet and Flame could have three sister virusesTwo major security firms say the people behind the Flame virus may have already developed three similar viruses that haven’t yet been discovered in action. The claims will raise more questions about the involvement of the US government in cyber-warfare.

Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalled

September 14, 2012

Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalledMost virus creators rely on exploiting human behavior such as tricking people into clicking bogus links. Now it appears scammers in China find it simpler to just put the virus on the computer before the customer even gets it.

FBI innocent on Apple hacking; tech firm takes rap

September 11, 2012

FBI innocent on Apple hacking; tech firm takes rapAn American tech company has admitted it was the victim of a hacking that led to the publication of a million Apple device details. The revelation appears to prove the FBI’s denial that it was the source of the stolen data.

Vehicle viruses the next threat

August 21, 2012

Vehicle viruses the next threatSecurity firm McAfee has hired a man to break into high-tech cars. But fortunately Barnaby Jack will be working to combat rather than promote crime.

Reuters hacked yet again with bogus Middle East reports

August 16, 2012

Reuters hacked yet again with bogus Middle East reportsNews agency Reuters has been hacked for the third time this month. This time the culprits posted a bogus report claiming the Saudi Arabia foreign minister had died.

US & Israel blamed for Flame virus

June 21, 2012

US & Israel blamed for Flame virusThe Flame virus has been described as both the most sophisticated spyware yet and the successor to Stuxnet. Now anonymous government insiders say that both it and Stuxnet are the part of American and Israeli operations against Iran.

Last.FM, LinkedIn password fallout continues

June 11, 2012

Last.FM, LinkedIn password fallout has been hit with allegations that it missed a clear opportunity to catch a password breach before it became public. Meanwhile fellow-victim LinkedIn is insisting there’s no evidence that any user accounts were breached following its own password hacking.

Conficker still high on Microsoft’s worry list

April 27, 2012

Conficker still high on Microsoft's worry listSarah Palin running for office. I’m F*!king Matt Damon. Financial stability around the world. Most things from 2008 are a distant memory but, Microsoft reveals, the Conficker virus is still very much with us.

Facebook pushes security software

April 26, 2012

Facebook pushes security softwareFacebook is offering users a six month trial of security software. It’s also teaming up with the software developers to pool their databases of suspicious website addresses.

Interxion staff will sleep with servers during the Olympics

April 12, 2012

Interexion staff will sleep with servers during the OlympicsFor many, the 2012 Olympics will be a once in a lifetime event watching world class athletes compete for the honor of being the best in the world.  For the Interxion crew it means sleeping with the companies data center servers in London.  The company fears that there will be problems with London’s transportation system making it difficult for critical staff to get into work. That’s why the company is providing sleeping quarters because having operators available on site 24/7 will reduce any problems that might arise.

Cell phone carriers and law enforcement are teaming up to fight phone theft

April 10, 2012

Cell phone carriers and law enforcement are teaming up to fight phone theftUnfortunately cell phone theft is happening more and more these days.  Most people know to call their wireless carrier to prevent outrageous calls,  Sometimes they can get their private information wiped from their phone.  Still cell phone insurance is costly and purchasing a replacement phone is even more expensive.  For many of us, it also means losing a lot of personal information that may not automatically back up to Google or the iOS cloud.

Flashback Trojan hits over 500,000 Macs

April 6, 2012

Flashback Trojan hits over 500,000 MacsFor years one of the many selling points of buying an Apple computer was the fact that they rarely got a virus or a trojan.  Unfortunately for at least 550,000 Mac owners worldwide, they have computers that are infected with the Flashback Trojan.  Apple already knows about it and has already sent out a fix but that doesn’t mean that the infected computers are fixed.  It’s a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has gotten out.

AVG enforces Do Not Track

March 28, 2012

AVG enforces Do Not TrackSecurity firm AVG has added a Do Not Track feature to its free and paid products. Unlike the current system favored by browser manufacturers, AVG actively blocks tracking by ad firms.

Warning: Yet another email scam is making the rounds

March 25, 2012

Warning: Yet another email scam is making the roundsEmail scams are certainly nothing new and plenty has been written about how to avoid them.  Still, reminding people that the supposed security email in their inbox is really only a more sophisticated scam, bears repeating.  There are of course, security scam emails like the one copied at the bottom as well as a more sophisticated “Nigerian” type scam that not only hijacks your address book but also signs your name to the email.

Microsoft hunts vulnerability mole

March 19, 2012

Microsoft hunts vulnerability moleMicrosoft has admitted that it’s own attempts to explain a security flaw may have been turned against it. A recent leak of code for exploiting a flaw looks to have come from one of Microsoft’s own security partners.

Chrome breached for first — and second — times

March 8, 2012

Chrome breached for first -- and second -- timesYou’ve got to hand it to Google. Only they could celebrate a significant flaw being found in their browser, costing them $60,000.

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