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The Silk Road, AKA The ‘Amazon Of Drugs,’ Shut Down By Law Enforcement

October 3, 2013

silk-roadThere’s an intriguing faux “Chinese curse” stemming from Colonial British times. It goes like this: “May you live in interesting times.” The seemingly innocuous curse is often associated with the desire for disorder or law enforcement to be visited on its victim. And if you’re a vendor, or customer, of The Silk Road, boy, your times just got a lot more interesting.

iPhone fingerprinting may already be hacked

September 24, 2013

iPhone fingerprinting may already be hackedA hacking group claims it has already found a way to bypass the fingerprint security on the new iPhone. But it’s highly questionable whether anyone would bother with these particular tactics on an ordinary user.

NSA accused of ‘derandomizing’ numbers

September 13, 2013

nsaflagsmallWhen is a random number not a random number? When it’s got a government back door.

Want your choice of Yahoo username? It could cost you

August 27, 2013

Want your choice of Yahoo username? It could cost youIf you regret signing up to Yahoo with the username “MrLoverMan69″ back in the day, and then found all the good names have gone, you may have a second chance. But it will cost you $1.99 with no guarantee of success.

Twitter Streamlines Two-Step Verification With New Update

August 6, 2013

new-twitter-logoWhen Twitter announced its two-factor authentications system — a security system which requires users to enter both their password and a passcode — in May there was a collective sigh of relief from press Twitter accounts everywhere. But there was one problem: it used a cumbersome SMS-based method, drastically slowing down the process of sending an 140-character message on the go.

Head Of NSA Speaks At Black Hat, Gets Heckled By Hacker

August 1, 2013

General Keith Alexander, director of NSA, Black HatThe summer of 2013 is turning out to be a rough one for the NSA and other government security entities: highly classified cybersecurity programs made their way into the public sphere after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked the information to the British newspaper, The Guardian. Further, at a congressional inquiry, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said the NSA and the federal government wasn’t collecting information on U.S. citizens. That claim turned out to be false, thanks further revelations made by Snowden.

Court gags academics who cracked car immobilizers

July 30, 2013

Court gags academics who cracked car immobilizersA British court has barred three security researchers from publishing details of how they were able to crack a security system used on immobilizers by several auto makers. Volkswagen and security firm Thales successfully applied for the court order.

New Malware Attack Hits OS X, Holds Safari Hostage

July 17, 2013

Does Mac OS X need anti-virus softwareWell Apple users, you can no longer claim immunity from malware and virus attacks: Security firm Malwarebytes spotted a new JavaScript vulnerability targeting Mac OS X users with a Safari-specific exploit. The attack is a simple ransomware attack where an attacking site holds a computer hostage for a nominal fee — in this case $300.

The Emergency Alert System Is Hackable — For Now

July 9, 2013

Emergency-Alert-SystemGreat news: The Emergency Alert System, a U.S. government medium which can interrupt T.V. and radio broadcasts in the event of an emergency situation, is hackable.

Meet Tempora, The U.K.’s PRISM Surveillance Program

June 21, 2013

GCHQsiteOne of the most secretive spook agencies in the world, the National Security Agency (NSA), has been doing a poor job of late. The agency has been thrust under the public’s eye after former NSA agent Edward Snowden, currently on the lam in Hong Kong, leaked a series of spy programs which trawl massive collections of digital communications for analysis.

Prosecutors like the idea of iPhone killswitch

June 11, 2013

Prosecutors like the idea of iPhone killswitchGovernment prosecutors have given a cautious welcome to Apple’s announcement that the next edition of the iPhone operating system will include a remote activation lock. But they say they’ll need to see more details before giving their verdict.

How much surveillance is too much?

June 7, 2013

How much surveillance is too much?As Stephen King wrote in Firestarter,“No one likes to see a government folder with his name on it.” Good news, now that most agencies have at least gone partially paperless, you won’t see a physical folder with your name, but that doesn’t mean that in the bowels of the NSA there isn’t digital data with your name and information on it.  That seems to be the gist of all of the headlines over the past few days.  The US and UK governments have been collecting data on us for several years and yes it is disturbing.

Google patents ‘pull a face’ passwords

June 7, 2013

Google patents 'pull a face' passwordsGoogle has applied for a patent on a log-in system that would require the user to make facial gestures and expressions rather than type in a password. It follows problems with an earlier version that simply required a blink.

Plastic printed gun is fired raising gun control issues

May 7, 2013

Plastic printed gun is fired raising gun control issuesWhile most 3D printers are still too expensive for home use, there are a variety of online options for ordering 3D printed objects and for finding the equivalent of 3D blueprints for a variety of objects.  One of those objects happens to be a plastic gun called the “Liberator”.  That printed gun was recently successfully fired without the plastic body breaking. 

Mozilla warns: Beware bogus Firefox

May 2, 2013

Mozilla warns: Beware bogus FirefoxMozilla has reacted angrily to the discovery that a particularly nasty piece of commercial spyware is using the Firefox brand to try to fool both casual and expert computer users. But it’s reiterated that Firefox itself is safe to use.

Twitter Gets To Work On Two-Factor Authentication After AP Hack

April 24, 2013

Either it’s right on time or two hacks too late. Twitter is reportedly testing its two-factor authentication system before releasing it — incrementally according to Wired — to users.

Apple system distinguishes typos and hacking

April 3, 2013

Apple system distinguishes typos and hackingIf you incorrectly enter a password, is it because you mistakenly typed it wrong, or because you are trying to hack an account? Apple reckons it can tell the difference.

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