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New York Times first paper to release gesture-based news app

July 21, 2013

New York Times first paper to release gesture-based news appThe New York Times is bringing that good ole feeling of thumbing through a printed newspaper into the digital age.

Instagram Takes On Vine With Video Update

June 20, 2013

Instagram with video could be the end for VineFacebook unveiled its latest update to Instagram at its Menlo Park headquarters Thursday morning. The update, significant enough to require a press conference, featured a new 15-second video sharing feature – a direct shot at Facebook’s social network rival, Twitter, and its video clip offering, Vine.

How much surveillance is too much?

June 7, 2013

How much surveillance is too much?As Stephen King wrote in Firestarter,“No one likes to see a government folder with his name on it.” Good news, now that most agencies have at least gone partially paperless, you won’t see a physical folder with your name, but that doesn’t mean that in the bowels of the NSA there isn’t digital data with your name and information on it.  That seems to be the gist of all of the headlines over the past few days.  The US and UK governments have been collecting data on us for several years and yes it is disturbing.

Adobe switches Photoshop to subscription model

May 7, 2013

Adobe switches Photoshop to subscription modelAdobe has announced that in future all its Creative Suite software will be subscription only. It’s upset some users but could be a much better business model.

Google Play is now on the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD +

May 4, 2013

Google Play is now on the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+Barnes & Noble announced that its two high end tablets are getting Google Play through a software update that started yesterday.  By allowing Nook HD and HD+ owners to access Google Play from their tablets, the company is giving them access to over 700,000 apps, movies and TV shows not previously available and sets the Nook apart from the Amazon Kindle. 

Apple patents an iPhone with a wrap around screen

April 1, 2013

Apple patents an iPhone with a wrap around screenIt’s amazing what you’ll find floating around the patent office.  One item that recently popped up was an Apple patent filed March 28, 2013 for a new iPhone with a wrap around screen, no buttons and a conical shape.  This is not your father’s iPhone nor yours for that matter.

Buy a Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ and get a Nook Simple Touch for free

March 22, 2013

Buy a Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ and get a Nook Simple Touch for freeBarnes and Noble had a rough Christmas season and that means some Nook bargains for us. Right now you can buy a Nook HD + and get a Nook Simple Touch for free. So for $269 you get the high resolution nine inch tablet and the $79 E-Ink reader for free. Best of all, you can purchase a separate memory card to turn the HD+ into a true tablet.

White House, FCC sides with consumers on unlocking smartphones

March 4, 2013

The Obama administration and the Federal Communications Commission said Monday that consumers should be allowed to unlock their smartphones — or switch carriers and keep their devices.

Is LG resurrecting WebOS?

February 25, 2013

Is LG resurrecting WebOS?You would think that WebOS would be virtually worthless since a few years back HP essentially torpedoed all the products it developed with WebOS. Last year, HP offered the operating system to developers and other companies. Now LG has bought the OS from HP.

Mozilla announces Firefox OS, the new open source mobile OS, will come to 17 global carriers

February 24, 2013

Mozilla, the non-profit software company which made the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client, announced its new mobile operating system will be work on 17 different mobile carriers during the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. The system, dubbed Firefox OS, will be loaded onto phones from five different handset manufacturers and is set to launch sometime around June.

California regulators lay off car-sharing, e-hailing, services for now

February 1, 2013

It looks like car-sharing and summoning services hare getting a second chance in California, after state regulators struck deals with both Lyft and Uber which will eliminate each company’s $20,000 fines for violating public utilities code.

Four solutions to backing up your data online

February 1, 2013

If you don’t have a backup plan for your computer you’re courting disaster. And if you’re in a disaster an external drive might get damaged. Fortunately there’s a variety of services out there for online backups, and they just happened to make it to Macworld 2013. Here’s a breakdown of the various backup programs which made an appearance on Macworld 2013′s expo hall floor. 

Backblaze announces mobile application to access your unlimited backed-up files

January 31, 2013

Backblaze is an online back-up startup with plan: to sell data back-up that’s simple enough for your grandmother to use, and to sell it at $5 a month.

The death of privacy part DCCLIV: refrigerator edition

January 13, 2013

The next major security maze set for the tech industry to navigate isn’t Washington, nor is it apps, it’s things. Stuff. Objects like an internet-connected thermostat which can gather data on your preferred temperatures and automatically adjust. An object which could heat your living room before you return from work. This is, as Wired‘s Andrew Rose writes, the next big security problem. This is the “Internet of Things.”

Evernote spins off a subsidiary for its European users

November 21, 2012

Evernote spins off a subsidiary for its Eurpean usersEvernote Corporation, based in California has spun off a subsidiary called Evernote GmbH based in Zurich, Switzerland. The subsidiary is wholly owned by the California company but it will be the entity managing the service for users outside the United States.  This allows the subsidiary to handle all business outside the US in accordance with Swiss law. 

Once mighty BlackBerry will have fewer users than Windows Phone by years end

August 20, 2012

Once mighty BlackBerry will have fewer users than Windows Phone by years endRemember the days when owning a BlackBerry phone was considered cool? Yeah, its hard but Research In Motion’s (RIMs) continued decline is getting worse.  By the end of the year, it is expected that the number of phones with BlackBerry OS will be less than those sporting Windows Phone OS.  That’s low.  Windows Phone doesn’t even have to pick up much market share because BlackBerry is falling so fast.

NASA’s Curiosity is in day 2 of a “brain transplant”

August 11, 2012

NASA's Curiosity is in day 2 of a "brain transplant"A “brain transplant” is what NASA is calling the multi-step software update that is taking place from August 10-13.  Apparently, the Mars rover was and is going to have its software upgraded as needed.  This ability to upgrade the software gives NASA a way to tune Curiosity’s software to the task at hand.

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