Democrats want to impeach Bush. Oh…do they want to impeach Bush.

That’s why this “Memogate” thing is such a big deal.

From the Kansas City Star:

In the closest version so far to a congressional hearing on the Downing Street memo, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., will head a forum examining the document. That will be followed by an Internet-organized rally in front of the White House. Conyers plans to deliver the signatures of 105 congressional Democrats and more than 500,000 citizens on petitions demanding a detailed response from the Bush administration to the memo’s allegations.

The memo, minutes of a meeting that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had with aides on July 23, 2002, in London, said it “seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action.” Bush has long said he didn’t decide to go to war until shortly before the bombing began in March 2003.

The memo also says that the Bush White House “fixed” intelligence data to justify the war. Bush’s pre-war emphasis on the danger of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction proved to be erroneous after inspectors failed to find any such weapons.


But again, is this any “new” news?

The document provides no new information, said Andrew Bennett, a political science professor at Georgetown University.

“The memo didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t obvious to us who’ve been reading the newspapers,” Bennett said. “It’s coming out now in generally declining public confidence in the war, so it’s gaining a little bit of traction. It’s reminding people of the worries a lot of people have had all along about Iraq.”


I understand that people are super pissed, but can’t we just forget this already and move on? I know this might sound harsh to those fellow Dems out there who opposed this war all along (including me), but we need to fight for the things we can change now. Impeaching Bush or trying to get him in trouble won’t work. It’ll only serve to further polarize a country that is crying out for unity.

That’s why now we need to make sure we get our brave men and women home in one piece. That should be the focus.


Politics Feeling Down About The Downing Street Memo?