I HIGHLY doubt it. They didn’t spend the past 30 years building this majority just to have one case completely tear it apart.

The GOP has always taken strong stances, and if Roe is ever overturned they’ll have gay marriage or something else to make people choose sides. I guarantee it.

Jane Galt shares some sentiments (found via In The Agora):

Moreover, I think that they’re vastly overestimating the importance that people in the mushy middle place on abortion. Look at me: pro-choice woman, early thirties, socially liberal. But I just don’t care that much about abortion. The only people who do care that much are political activists, some health care workers, and the fairly small percentage of the population which is regularly having sex with people they don’t want to bear children with. I’m not even sure that I’d vote on the issue if it were coming up for legalisation in my state; there are a lot more pressing economic issues on my mind. Two thirds of Americans may say they support Roe, but for a large number of them the question is academic, and, frankly, not that interesting.

Something tells me that a lot of people would vote on the issue Jane, but the point is well taken. Are women becoming sick and tired of the Roe v. Wade discussion?

The reason I ask is I have a female friend who I was talking to last election and she brought up the exact same point. She doesn’t really care about the right to choose, et al. She wants the Dems or the GOPers to come up with something new to offer her besides control over her body. I questioned that, but more and more I’m hearing the same sentiments echoed throughout. Maybe it’s because these women don’t think that right will ever be taken away?


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