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A lot of people are pointing to Donklephant from posts or blogrolls and we sincerely appreciate it.

From the referral logs:
Vodka Pundit
Justin Delbar’s Digital Dissent
Exit Zero
Nothing Aside

And of course,

Thanks again Glenn!

UPDATE: 9:51 p.m. CMT
Some more I neglected. Also note I changed the link from “Centrist Coalition” to “Centerfield.” Sorry about that error folks.

Impacted Wisdom Truth
Sound Of The Mushroom
Peak Talk
The Common Virtue
South Park Pundit (It’s Donklephant, timmy!)
And this very unflattering screed from TBogg.

Some have wondered why I’m linking to blogs that attack us, call us names, etc. Well, I don’t expect a bunch of people to suddenly understand what we’re trying to do here. But I think a few will start to and the more people we invite under the tent of cooperation, the better off I think we’ll be.

Then again, maybe I’m unbelievably naive.

Only time will tell.

UPDATE: 11:05 p.m. CMT
And one more from the comment’s section. This is a really great post on trying to find the middle. And although I don’t agree with everything “goy” says, you should definitely check it out.

A Goy And His Blog

UPDATE: 11:05:45 p.m. CMT
And how could I forget the folks over at Winds Of Change? Doh!

Winds Of Change