First, it looks like he’s forming a new PAC that’s due to launch on August 1st.

And then comes word that he named Hillary to lead the DLC’s American Dream Initiative. Could that mean he’s positioning himself for a VP role? Only time will tell.

From the LA Times:

Clinton assumed her role as head of the DLC’s “American Dream Initiative” at a meeting that drew three other centrist Democrats considered possible 2008 contenders and highlighted the maneuvering already underway for the next presidential race.

Besides Clinton, about 500 elected officials and DLC supporters heard from Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), the group’s outgoing chairman; Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who replaced Bayh this month; and Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner.

The session amounted to one of the first multi-candidate “cattle calls” for potential 2008 contenders. “I thought I was at a New Hampshire J-J dinner,” joked Warner, in a reference to the Jefferson-Jackson Day party dinners that are frequent platforms for Democratic presidential contenders.

Each of the potential candidates delivered campaign-style speeches that blended criticism of the Bush administration with calls for Democrats to pursue centrist policies on issues such as national defense, energy and the federal budget.

(Hat Tip: the indispensable Political Wire, twice)

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