Apparently the Tancredo effect is being felt around the right-wing mediasphere.

This next to liken all of Islam to a terrorist organization is talk show host Michael Graham, who was promptly suspended by his station indefinitely.

From the Wash Post:

Graham, 42, said on his mid-morning program on Monday that the fault for recent acts of terrorism lies not with Islamic radicals alone but also with Muslims generally because religious leaders and followers have tacitly supported extreme elements. “The problem is not extremism,” Graham told listeners. “The problem is Islam.” He also said, “We are at war with a terrorist organization named Islam.”

Graham also wrote a column this week describing his position in the Jewish World Review.

I take no pleasure in saying it. It pains me to think it. I could very well lose my job in talk radio over admitting it. But it is the plain truth:

Islam is a terror organization.

For years, I’ve been trying to give the world’s Muslim community the benefit of the doubt, along with the benefit of my typical-American’s complete disinterest in their faith. Before 9/11, I knew nothing about Islam except the greeting “asalaam alaikum,” taught to me by a Pakistani friend in Chicago.

Immediately after 9/11, I nodded in ignorant agreement as President Bush assured me that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

But nearly four years later, nobody can defend that statement. And I mean “nobody.”

Certainly not the group of “moderate” Muslim clerics and imams who gathered in London last week to issue a statement on terrorism and their faith. When asked the question “Are suicide bombings always a violation of Islam,” they could not answer “Yes. Always.” Instead, these “moderate British Muslims” had to answer “It depends.”

Precisely what it depends on, news reports did not say. Sadly, given our new knowledge of Islam from the past four years, it probably depends on whether or not you’re killing Jews.

That is part of the state of modern Islam.

In addition, right-wing bloggers are getting behind this meme by gingerly supporting it. Here’s Michelle Malkin on Graham and Tancredo.

For the record, I do not consider all Muslims terrorists and would not call Islam a “terror organization.” But in his own clumsy way, Graham (like Tom Tancredo before him) raises fundamental issues that need to be tackled head on, and he is certainly not alone in raising them.

So she doesn’t consider there statements correct, but they’re “bringing up fundamental issues that need to tackled head on.”

What would those be Michelle? Yeah, sounds like you don’t agree with him at all.

Meet the new fringe…same as the old fringe.

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