A new calculator/shaming device has been launched to show people how much they make when compared to the rest of the world’s population. Basically, the Global Rich List is a way to get you to donate money to CARE International. If after reading this you want to donate just one hour’s salary to fight global poverty, click here. If not, don’t feel bad about it.

Here are the numbers in US dollars:

  • If you make 10,000 you are in the top 13.26%, there are 5,204,294,954 poorer than you, and you are the 795,705,046th richest person on the planet.
  • If $20,000: top 11.1%, 5,333,661,060 poorer, and 666,338,940th richest.
  • If $30,000: top 7.22%, 5,566,727,941 poorer, and 433,272,059th richest
  • If $40,000: top 3.17%, 5,809,565,217 poorer, and 190,434,783th richest
  • If $50,000: top 0.89%, 5,946,042,435 poorer, and 53,957,565th richest
  • If $60,000: top 0.84%, 5,949,632,435 poorer, and 50,367,565th richest
  • If $70,000: top 0.78%, 5,953,222,435 poorer, and 46,777,565th richest
  • If $80,000: top 0.72%, 5,956,812,435 poorer, and 43,187,565th richest
  • If $90,000: top 0.66%, 5,960,402,435 poorer, and 39,597,565th richest
  • If $100,000: top 0.6%, 5,963,992,435 poorer, and 36,007,565th richest
  • If $110,000: top 0.54%, 5,967,582,435 poorer, and 32,417,565th richest
  • If $120,000: top 0.48%, 5,971,172,435 poorer, and 28,827,565th richest
  • If $130,000: top 0.42%, 5,974,762,435 poorer, and 25,237,565th richest
  • If $140,000: top 0.36%, 5,978,352,435 poorer, and 21,647,565th richest
  • If $150,000: top 0.30%, 5,981,942,435 poorer, and 18,057,565th richest
  • If $160,000: top 0.24%, 5,985,532,435 poorer, and 14,467,565th richest
  • If $170,000: top 0.18%, 5,989,122,435 poorer, and 10,877,565th richest
  • If $180,000: top 0.12%, 5,992,712,435 poorer, and 7,287,565th richest
  • If $190,000: top 0.06%, 5,996,302,435 poorer, and 3,697,565th richest
  • If $200,000: top 0.001%, 5,999,892,435 poorer, and 107,565th richest

And if you happen to make over $200,000 (lucky you!), you get this message:

You are in the top 0,001% richest people in the world.

You don’t need to know any more than that (and besides our calculator can’t do sums that big).

Please consider donating just a small amount of your enormous wealth to help some of the poorest people in the world. Many of their lives could be improved dramatically or even saved if you donate just one hour’s salary (approx $142.36)

In the end, $142 really doesn’t seem like that much to somebody who makes over 200K, but that’s not for me to decide I suppose.

And just in case you’re wondering about CARE International, here’s some more info:

CARE International is an independent humanitarian organisation working to end world poverty. With programmes in over 70 countries, CARE touches the lives of over 45 million of the world’s poorest people. Whether supporting primary health care, promoting sustainable agriculture or developing savings and loan schemes, our programmes promote positive and lasting change and reduce long-term dependency. CARE also provides emergency food and shelter to survivors of natural disasters, wars and conflicts. We remain with communities long after initial relief efforts are completed and support initiatives to enable people to rebuild their lives and to face the future with renewed confidence.

So what about this? Do things like this get you motivated to donate?

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