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Fun caption: She’s not a robot, she’s my wife!

Not to be mean, but Repliee Q1Expo’s creator seems obsessed with one particular aspect of his invention.

  • “but I soon realised the importance of its appearance. A human-like appearance gives a robot a strong feeling of presence.”
  • Professor Ishiguro believes that it may prove possible to build an android that could pass for a human, if only for a brief period.
  • “…we have found that people forget she is an android while interacting with her. Consciously, it is easy to see that she is an android, but unconsciously, we react to the android as if she were a woman.”

But she can’t do anything! “…she can only sit at present…” [Insert joke about having a teenager at home that sits around all day, but looks totally human.] Apparently this is a case where form precedes function.

Oh, yeah, and what’s up with the lace gloves?

BBC News: Japanese develop ‘female’ android

UPDATE by Justin Gardner:
Here are some more stories about androids.

SKorea’s newest android to get a face lift

S. Korean scientists want android to walk

The androids are coming

More to come.

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