Chalk up another one for the bloggers. Val MacQueen tells how the persistence of Scott Burgess knocked Britain’s venerable “Guardian” newspaper for a loop over the paper’s “trainee” Dilpazier Aslam, a member of the Islamo-fascist group Hiz ut-Tahir. That radical organization is banned through most of Europe and much of the Middle East.

Burgess read some of Aslam’s pieces — in which the trainee wrote that he considered today’s British-born Muslims “sassy” and wrote that today’s young British terrorists “aren’t afraid to rock the boat” — and smelled a rat. Background work revealed not only was the trainee a member of Hiz ut-Tahir, but he had previous journalistic experience of writing for its bloodthirsty magazine which specializes in incitement to harm Jews and also mandates the re-establishment of the Caliphate. Burgess wrote to The Guardian asking whether the paper’s editors knew of Aslam’s affiliations and, if they did, why they did not share this information with people who were innocently reading his pieces as objective journalism.

Old media, typically, did not give up without a snit.

Pride stung, instead of accepting that it had been revealed to be utterly bereft of such ethics as we journalists claim to have and apologizing to its readers, it went to work on a snide trashing of Burgess, referring to him, as “someone who stays indoors a lot”. It also made the Hillar[y]-esque claim to have been the victim of a vast right wing bloggers’ conspiracy. Except, one of Burgess’s staunchest allies throughout this episode had been Harry’s Place, a literate, universally well-regarded left-leaning blog.

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