This editorial from Joan Vennochi is so spot on I wish the Dems would reprint it and distribute it among the faithful. Especially sections like this:

Democrats continue to fight the last campaign, while Republicans are planning for the next two. While the Democrats are busy bashing Bush — a second-term president who is not running for anything — the Republicans are working on their strategy for victory in 2006 and 2008. Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee chairman, continues the GOP outreach to Latino and African-American voters. Dividing up the Democratic base and conquering even a small piece of it helps Republicans in future elections and hurts Democrats.

Already, Democrats are beginning the familiar waltz down losing paths, courting liberal activists in Iowa and New Hampshire. Why? If Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Iowa caucus is irrelevant. If Kerry runs again, the New Hampshire primary is also less important.


Still more wisdom and some specific strategy that is VERY timely (emphasis mine):

Democrats should also do with stem cell research what Republicans did with gay marriage: present the issue for a vote on every possible state ballot. Republican Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader from Tennessee, just demonstrated the power of the issue. Frist’s surprise endorsement of a bill that would approve federal funds for new lines of stem cells enraged the right. But Frist knows the political center supports it, and the political center is where a presidential contender wants to be. In stem cell research, Democrats, for once, have an issue that fires up their base and cuts to the center, across diverse demographic groups.

If this isn’t required reading for Democrats, I don’t know what is. Thanks Joan.

(Hat Tip: Memeorandum)

Politics Note To Democrats: Wise Up