I just ran across a great article on Global Guerillas about the methods of financing and creating an Improvised Explosive Device or IED for short.

The reason I bring this up is because of the tragic death of 14 Marines after one of these devices upended their 25 ton device. This stuff is getting very serious so we need to understand it.

The post sheds more light on the “IED cell”, a group of terrorists who create and employ these devices. This part concerns “The Financier”:

While all IED cells in Iraq are not alike, they tend to follow a similar organizational pattern. They are almost exclusively made up of Sunni extremists. The typical IED cell numbers no more than six to eight people who collect intelligence on American forces, gather explosive materials, manufacture the bomb, place the device, carry out the attack and then evaluate the results. At the top of the IED cell is the planner or financier (“hot money”), a “money man” who is most often a well educated and intelligent former Baathist government official or military officer. He is ideologically motivated in his fight against the American occupation. These “white collar” leaders are the most difficult cell members to identify, explained Formica. Even if fingered by an informant or other means, the leaders are so good at covering their tracks it’s nearly impossible to develop sufficient evidence to detain them. And if captured, they’re smart enough not to say anything. Only 5 percent to 10 percent of the insurgents captured by the Americans are cell leaders.

The post also outlines four more members of the cell: The Bomb Maker, The Emplacer (the one who places the bomb in the location), The Triggerman and The Suicide Car Bombers.

Definitely worth reading.

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