We intercepted a very large shipment of explosives used to make IEDs. Our government says that the Iranian government had something to do with it, blessing terrorist groups that operate inside their country, like Hezbollah, to do their dirty work.


U.S. military and intelligence officials tell NBC News that American soldiers intercepted a large shipment of high explosives, smuggled into northeastern Iraq from Iran only last week.

The officials say the shipment contained dozens of “shaped charges” manufactured recently. Shaped charges are especially lethal because they’re designed to concentrate and direct a more powerful blast into a small area.

“They’ll go right through a very heavily armored vehicle like an M1-A1 tank from one side right out the other side,� says retired U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey.

Military officials say there’s only one use for shaped charges � to kill American forces � and insurgents started using them in Iraq with deadly effectiveness three months ago.

Any way I look at this it’s good news. Weapons are out of the hands of terrorists and we may have caught the Iranian government red handed. If that’s the case, we can put a lot more pressure on the international community to aid us in cracking down on the mullahs who would try to destroy Democracy in Iraq.

Iran’s Shiite government has also struck up a seemingly strange alliance with Sunni insurgents to try to drive the American military out of Iraq.

“They are desperate to get us out of Iraqâ€Â? says Michael Ledeen, author of “The War Against the Terror Masters” and resident scholar in the Freedom Chair at the American Enterprise Institute. “If we succeed in Iraq they will be surrounded by elected governments.â€Â?

Politics Good News For Iraq. Bad News For Iran.