Guess who had the following to say about Bush’s suggestion that intelligent design should be taught in school:

  • “I think I would probably tailor that a little more than what the president has suggested… I’m not comfortable with intelligent design being taught in the science classroom.”
  • “What we should be teaching are the problems and holes — and I think there are legitimate problems and holes — in the theory of evolution. What we need to do is to present those fairly, from a scientific point of view[.]”
  • “As far as intelligent design is concerned, I really don’t believe it has risen to the level of a scientific theory at this point that we would want to teach it alongside of evolution.”

Hey, makes perfect sense. Who is it that said such sensible things?

The quotes are from “possible 2008 presidential contender” Rick Santorum: the same mind that blames the Catholic church sex abuse scandal on liberalism. (Not that the two ideas are mutually exclusive.)

Is this Frist-like political maneuvering ahead of 2008? Won’t it be hard for Santorum to move toward the middle — as all the hip Presidential hopefuls seem to be doing — with stuff like the latter out there on the record?

Reuters: Leading Republican differs with Bush on evolution

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