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The upcoming film The Aristocrats sounds like an interesting idea for a documentary: several comedians telling their version of the same joke.

But it’s not just any joke. Its reputed to be the dirtiest joke ever.

Comedians rarely use it onstage but improvise their own lewd rendition to out-gross one another backstage.

USA Today: ‘Aristocrats’ documents the life of a dirty joke

What drove the creators to make such a film?

[Magician Penn]Jillette, who developed the documentary’s concept four years ago over coffee with comedian (and “Aristocrats” director) Paul Provenza, envisioned comedians riffing on the joke like jazz musicians taking solos in a smoky nightclub.

Picture Miles Davis, after trading his trumpet for Tourett’s syndrome.

“It’s be-bop, improvisation,” Jillette explained. “You get to see different actors do Shakespeare, or jazz musicians do versions of the same song. Why not comedians?”

And probably the best free advertising a movie of this sort can get (aside from appearing on Donklephant of course):

“The Aristocrats” won’t arrive without controversy. The AMC theater chain, which operates 3,500 movie screens nationwide, already announced it won’t show “The Aristocrats.”

Terrific news, according to Jillette.

“It kind of makes me feel great, because words still have power,” Jillette said. “I just like how uplifting the idea is: Words are powerful.” The most foul-mouthed movie ever

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