President-elect of the American Bar Association Michael Greco criticised the Partiot Act:

“We support the (Bush) administration in its efforts to secure the nation but we have taken policy positions, four or five of them, where we think due process has not been followed[.]”

Reuters: Parts of Patriot Act are offensive-lawyers group

Another African nation is facing food shortages. “[A]n estimated 1.5 million of Mali’s 11 million people are said to be facing hunger[.]”
Associated Press: Mali’s food crisis goes little noticed

Sunday and Monday, US Marines patroling in the Iraqi town of Haqlaniyah found and destroyed six car bombs, five roadside bombs, and a large bomb rigged to explode inside a building. They do this work in the same area where 20 marines were killed last week.
Associated Press: Marines Find Car Bomb Factory in Iraq

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