A short article from tha AP indicates that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is concerned:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said Tuesday that rulings on difficult subjects like gay rights and the death penalty have left courts vulnerable to political attacks that are threatening judicial independence.

Breyer urged lawyers to help educate people about court responsibility to be an independent decision-maker.

“If you say seven or eight or nine members of the Supreme Court feel there’s a problem … you’re right,” he told the American Bar Association. “It’s this edge on a lot of issues.”

What did the ABA say to that?

New group President Michael Greco of Boston said judges have faced physical threats, and threats of impeachment from Washington political leaders unhappy with court decisions.

“If we do not protect our courts, our courts cannot protect us,” Greco said.

Associated Press: Court Justice Worried About Criticis

Seems like a no-brainer: judges must be independent and objective. The nomination and confirmation process will inevitably be a political storm, but should be undertaken with a goal of finding an objective jurist. After the storm, hands off Our court. There is no coercion in justice.

Politics Breyer Concerned About Judicial Independence