I’m all for memorializing this very important moment in our history, but the following scenario smells an awful lot like propaganda. I’m going to need some more information, but here are some thoughts after reading a story from The Age.

First off, the announcement was “tucked into an Iraq war briefing.” Is that the appropriate place for of a massive march and memorial concert such as this? I hope we get a bigger announcement, especially since I first heard about this from an Australian newspaper.

Also, and more importantly, is it up to the government to hold marches in the vein of Million Man March? Especially ones entitled “America Supports Your Freedom”? Who’s freedom? The Iraqi’s? Ours? The world’s?

And why just country music? I’d say a good majority of our population doesn’t listen to the stuff. Is this truly representative of our nation and those who died in 9/11?

Yes, yes, I’m naysaying, but consider my points for for a moment. This march/concert seems to be designed to be some sort of government sponsored “Million Republican March”. In other words a rally for war supporters that’s paid for by the government. Doesn’t exactly sound like what I would consider a very “uniting” type of event.

By the way I HOPE I’m wrong about this. Let’s wait and see how it shapes up.

Business Pentagon To Hold 9/11 March And Concert in D.C.?