From Wired News:

Each week, hundreds of new Subaru and Isuzu cars and trucks roll out of the Subaru factory in Lafayette, Indiana. What doesn’t come out of the plant is garbage. When the garbage truck rolls up to the curb in front of your house each week, it haul away more trash than is generated by the manufacturing processes at the factory.

The factory is the first auto assembly plant in North America to become completely waste-free: last year, 100 percent of the waste steel, plastic and other materials coming out of the plant were reused or recycled.

Wired News: At Clean Plants, It’s Waste Not

Because landfill charges are so high companies are compelled to reduce their waste production. A better approach to environment issues: don’t allow companies to ‘externalize’ the costs of pollution & waste. When they are forced to pay for the damage they cause, they will solve the problem for the sake of the bottom line.

More on this topic at a later date.