Recently I wrote about Omar Bakri Mohammed fleeing London for Lebanon after Tony Blair announced that terrorist sympathizers were going to be kicked out of the country.

But now it seems that he’s had it so good in Britain, he’ll be back for the free medical care for his heart surgery.

He receives £331.28 a month in incapacity benefit and £183.30 a month in disability living allowance because of a leg injury he suffered in his teens.

Both payments will continue for at least six months while he is abroad, as long as he plans to return, as will the housing benefit on his home in Edmonton, north London, and his council tax benefit.

His wife, who remains in Britain with their seven children, can also continue to claim a benefits package thought to be worth at least £1,300 a month. Bakri drives a Toyota people carrier worth £30,000, paid for under a scheme called Motability.

The preacher is expected to return for an angioplasty procedure. That involves inserting and inflating a balloon in the coronary artery to improve blood flow.

And surprise, surprise, he came from a wealthy Muslim family. Thomas Friedman’s recent editorial about rich Muslim rage seems more and more relevant with each passing day.

Bakri, who comes from a wealthy, orthodox Muslim family from Syria, ran a computer business when he arrived in Britain but it collapsed.

As a teenager, he lived in Beirut. He then studied Sharia law at Damascus University before moving to Saudi Arabia.

He was deported and claimed asylum in Britain.

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