David Lynch
I am going to have a few days off for a mini vacation, so I won’t be posting regularly again until next Wednesday.

Everything is up in the air right now because we don’t plan. I hope to be hiking in the White Mountains at some point; but, if the kids get their way… who knows. Either way, I will take many pictures and hope to have a gem or two to share when we get back. White Mountains or water slides? We’ll have to wait and see.

I am going to do a ground-breaking blogging experiment, though. Over the next few days I will attempt to post live vacation updates telepathically. To my knowledge this has never been achieved before, so we at Donklephant could make history. (No guarantees, of course; as I’m sure the likelihood of success decreases with beer consumption.)

I’m not sure how to go about beaming data into the internet using only brainwaves from a remote location with no equipment. Perhaps I’ll use the methods of Transcendental Meditation with the help of David Lynch. Yes, maker of bizarre, incomprehensible yet viscerally compelling films David Lynch. Aside from making movies such as Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Eraserhead, he has also “…been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years, and recently established the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace.”

Not sure what “Consciousness-Based Education” is, but I’ll try just about anything once.

See y’all Wednesday.

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