This is interesting. I’d personally like to see how they’re defining a conservative blog vs. a liberal blog vs. a centirst blog.

Liberal activist Web loggers have made major advances on the Internet, but they remain far behind their conservative adversaries among the top 250 political blogs, according to a study by a Democratic think tank.

In a detailed report on the political power being wielded by bloggers, who have become a potent force in national and state campaigns, the study found that while liberals have “a decided advantage” over conservatives among the top 40 blogs (24-16), “conservatives hold a whopping 133 to 77 advantage” among the next 210 blogs.

The study said this was “a serious problem that progressives must confront,” if they are going to overcome the conservatives’ advantage at the local level.

So liberals are 20% ahead of the conservatives in the top 40, but woefully behind in the top 210. I wonder why they decided to go with the top 40 and the top 210? Don’t we usually see the top 50, 100 and 200? Very odd.

And by the way, they’re defining Instapundit as a conservative blog so the methodology might not be as cut and dry as they might hope. I definitely think Glenn Reynolds in center-right, but he’s certainly no Little Green Footballs.

In any event, read the rest about the rise of the conservative blogosphere as reported by the Washington Times.

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