Who wrote this on Oct. 15, 2002?

Democratic Rep. Dick Gephardt, the minority leader, invoked Sept. 11. “If you’re worried about terrorists getting weapons of mass destruction or their components from countries, the first candidate you worry about is Iraq.”

No it isn’t. Start with Pakistan, or some of the former Soviet republics. As a Missourian, Gephardt does a piss-poor job of showing me. He makes no attempt to genuinely connect Iraq and al-Qaida.

The answer is, me, that’s who.

So how come I don’t now spend a lot of time and effort bashing Bush, yowling about WMD and feeding the same vampires who feed off Cindy Sheehan?

Dave Schuler at The Glittering Eye reminds some of us that a lot of the rest of us asked a lot of questions about the war before it began, then devoted ourselves to making it work, once the choice had been made.

It’s possible to have opposed the invasion of Iraq and think we should stay the course there. And it’s possible to continue to be in favor of the war in Iraq and be dissatisfied with the president’s performance.

He also puts in an appearance on this interesting thread, where he elaborates:

I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. But having invaded, removed the government there, and occupied the country we are legally, morally, and strategically obligated to stay until the situation there has been stabilized enough for the Iraqi themselves to take over actually rather than just nominally.

And he’s done an honorable job of it ever since it began.

Personally, I’ve come a little further around than David has since the months of lead-up to the Iraq invasion. I’ve changed my views about a lot of things. Now, looking back, if I’d been the president I’d have gone up to the U.N. on Sept. 12, told them all to follow me down to 23rd and Chambers, shown them the red-hot pile of metal, with people crawling into it in quest of anything that might still be alive, and said, “you have 30 days to tell us what you’re going to do about this, before we go and do something about it on our own.”

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