A new article from the LA Times digs into the life and times of Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico.

Why? Well, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he has presidential designs on 2008, and he might just have the honesty and ideas to beat Hillary for the nomination.

In the last 2 1/2 years, he has slashed taxes and won the hearts of New Mexico’s business leaders, shaken up the education establishment and steamrolled his critics on the left and right, all while fashioning the philosophy of what he calls “a new progressive Democrat.”

“It’s basically not center, not left, not right, but basically forward,” Richardson explained one morning over coffee at the governor’s mansion. “What works? What helps people? What solves problems?”

I love this line of thinking. What will help the people? That’s the most important question we should all be asking ourselves.

And as a sidenote, if I could define Donklephant as anything, I would define it as “forward” blog. Forget ideology. Forget rhetoric. What’s going to do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people? Those are the ideas and policies I’m interested in championing, be they from the left, the right, the middle or the forward.

Well said Bill. You’ve got my ear.

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