I’ve said in the past (here, here and here) that Roberts seems like the type of conservative judge who we can all live with, and news like this makes me think that we could be getting a very reasonable Supreme Court Justice.

From the Washington Post:

In a series of interviews in recent days, more than a dozen Democratic senators and aides who are intimately involved in deliberations about strategy said that they see no evidence that most Democratic senators are prepared to expend political capital in what is widely seen as a futile effort to derail the nomination.

Although they expect to subject President Bush’s nominee to tough questioning at confirmation hearings next month, members of the minority party said they do not plan to marshal any concerted campaign against Roberts because they have concluded that he is likely to get at least 70 votes — enough to overrule parliamentary tactics such as a filibuster that could block the nominee.

Honestly, I don’t think this is really about parlimentary procedure. I think a lot of Democratic Senators genuinely believe that Roberts will be a reasonable Justice.

For everybody’s sake, let’s hope the collective good will towards Roberts is well founded. I for one think it is.

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