Hey all.

The head honcho of the Weblog Empire is going to be intereviewed on Subject2Discussion tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 16th 17th. However, some of you may not know how to listen in.

That’s why the host of the show, emailed me this morning, and I’m just going to share it with you.

Several of your readers are asking how to listen to the program with Duncan on it.

To listen to SUBJECT2DISCUSSION LIVE go to www.LVROCKS.com click on LISTEN and click on CAM/CHAT to join the rowdy bunch in the chatroom while the webcast airs. The program starts at 6pm PST, 8pm CST and 9pm EST.

Podcast is available here is the RSS feed url:

Had no idea how demanding your readers are, my compliments. They wanted the information ASAP..lol

That’s right. We keep people on their toes.

And by the way, the following Wednesday I’ll be on the program talking about Donklephant. I’ll have more on that later.

Technology Weblog Empire's Duncan Riley Interviewed Tomorrow