The Pentagon has stopped Israel from selling China “Harpy attack drones and other advanced technology.”

The Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that it had signed an understanding with the
Pentagon “aimed at solving past problems which had seriously harmed relations … in the realm of technological security.”

Israel will take “further steps to fully restore trust” with the United States, the ministry added.

It did not give details of exactly what had been agreed.

Israel denied wrongdoing in the China case, and some Israeli security experts accused Washington of seeking to curb foreign competition to its arms companies. The U.S. complaint prompted Israel to apologize and reshuffle top defense officials.

Reuters: Israel says crisis defused with U.S. on arms exports

In light of our official stance on Taiwan and on human rights conditions in China; does selling them military “advanced technology” seems like a bone-head move by Israel? (I suppose this is why they have backed off the deal.) With China as rising global economic power, is Israel beginning to hedge their bets in terms of keeping powerful friends for the long term? Would Israel’s policy toward Palestine look/be the same if China were to replace the US as their major ally?

Politics US Puts Kibosh on Israel-China Arms Deal