This guy has been fairly uncontroversial, even though his past views on wage bias are suspect.

From The Wash Post:

A 15-member ABA committee handled the work, including a review of opinions and legal briefs. ABA spokeswoman Nancy Slonim said the vote was unanimous.

The possible ratings are “well qualified,” “qualified” and “not qualified.”

However, some say they didn’t get a chance to look at all his records. I think the fact that these weren’t released are dumb, but eventually it seem as if this isn’t important to his nomination. I think this is more a matter of the current administration playing politics and wanting to create conflict where there is very little. Imagine that.

But let’s hope that Roberts appropriately addresses issues like these:

One committee Democrat, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, said Roberts should explain why he kept hearing a lawsuit against the Bush administration while he was being interviewed for the Supreme Court.

Roberts sat on a three-judge panel that in July refused to block military tribunals for terrorism suspects. Bringing suit was Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni who once was Osama bin Laden’s driver.

Roberts had begun interviewing with administration officials in April for a possible vacancy on the court, according to his questionnaire submitted to the Senate.

“Judge Roberts should explain as soon as possible why he thought it was appropriate for him to continue hearing this case,” Schumer said.

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