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On the Partisan Media

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Gobbledygook has a great post about why the fringe on both sides is becoming invalid.

If you would consistently read Powerline or DailyKos, or any random coupling of right-left blog dichotomy–and considering that you are among those (seemingly in the minority) who do not necessarily believe yourself to be in the one (or other) camp which is perpetually besieged by some great media monolith–you may find yourself wondering if you are actually falling into this era’s version of False Memory Syndrome. We are under almost constant barrage from one side or the other that insists that not only is the other side secretly (how secretly is open to interpretation, of course–secret usually implies that evidence is hard to uncover) angling to infect our brains and opinions with either anti-US, anti-Freedom, anti-Goodness viruses. What constitutes the antis depends, of course, on what side you find yourself.

Definitely worth a read.