Shaun Daily asked me two questions last hour when I was on his radio program that sort of stumped me:

1) What’s the most exciting news out of Kansas City, MO?
2) If you could have Donklephant report on any political event in history, what would it be and why?

So then…

1) The state of Missouri has passed a law that puts strict limits on strip clubs. That means no nudity, everybody must wear pasties, no one under the age of 21 will be allowed to work there, and customers must keep at least 10 feet from dancers on stage. Bummer.

You can read more about this in a story from KC’s alternative paper, The Pitch, entitled, “The Big Coverup.”

2) I mentioned Vietnam and WWII, but I want to amend this one. Now I think it would be the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Okay, that’s all I have. See you in the morning.

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