Arizona Senator John McCain isn’t running for president.

Not yet, anyway.

He isn’t running for the job – officially. That won’t happen, if it happens at all, until after next year’s midterm elections.

McCain, who turns 69 on Monday, said “there’s no point” in formally announcing his candidacy until after the 2006 congressional elections.

Unlike many potential candidates, McCain doesn’t have to make a ‘move to the center’ as he already enjoys a reputation as a moderate Republican.

It seems he is making his move in the other direction, perhaps to appeal to the party’s base: Citing an extremely pared-down quote out of context, the Arizona Daily Star asserts that McCain has “…sided with the president on . . . teaching intelligent design in schools…” (See how I too can use an extremely pared-down quote out of context?)

McCain told the Star that, like Bush, he believes “all points of view” should be available to students studying the origins of mankind.

Or, maybe he was just that vague. Hey, he does sound like a presidential candidate!

Arizona Daily Star: McCain sounds like presidential hopeful

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