That’s the percentage of our voting population that approves of the job that Bush is doing.


Listen, polls go up and down and it’s impossible (and ill-advised) to conduct your presidency responding only to approval ratings. However, this is less than a year after he was elected to his second term. Bush should be enjoying some pretty healthy numbers right now and the exact opposite is happening. And I don’t care what anybody says, you can’t blame Cindy Sheehan for this one.

Personally, I used to smile when I saw numbers like this, but nowadays they make me a little depressed. As a nation, we shouldn’t be so disapproving of our the job our leader is doing, and yet there it is. And my fear is that what this will end up putting pressure on Bush to withdraw our troops even quicker, even if Iraq isn’t stable.

So what is this? A downward spiral or just a momentary dip? And furthermore, what do you think is causing this drop?

Gallup has more.

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