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Iraq Draft Constitution Signed. Trouble On The Horizon?

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The Sunnis didn’t sign it, but the Shiites and the Kurds did. What does this mean for the country’s chances for Democracy? Since the Sunni population essentially has a veto on the document, we could see another draft of the constitution later on in the year.

From the Washington Post:

BAGHDAD, Aug. 28 — Iraqi leaders completed a draft of a permanent constitution Sunday after three months of negotiations that left Sunni Arabs unsatisfied, setting up a potentially divisive nationwide referendum on the document, to be held by Oct. 15.

Members of the committee that convened in May to write the document ended their official duties by signing the draft and sending it to the National Assembly, where it was read aloud to members. Some Sunnis, who had unsuccessfully sought the elimination of a clause allowing power to be devolved from the central government to autonomous regions, walked out while the draft was read.

Committee members, most of them drawn from the Shiite Muslim and Kurdish coalition that controls Iraq’s government, and other Iraqi officials then adjourned to President Jalal Talabani’s home in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone for a sun-drenched ceremony to mark the occasion.

The BBC also reported on the new Iraqi constitution.

The Iraqi people will decide in a referendum, scheduled to take place by mid-October, whether to accept it.

But as the Sunni community effectively has a veto, there is a high chance the document will never come into force.

I really hope they reach a compromise, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in time for the October vote.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.