Even if you aren’t religious, please find some time to think/pray/send-good-thoughts for the people of New Orleans.

The whole city is being evacuated, due to the hurricane that threatens to destroy the city.

From the Wash Post, comes news about Hurricane Katrina:

All lanes on interstate highways in the New Orleans area were given over to outbound traffic, as people made a last-ditch attempt to escape the massive Category 5 hurricane. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper as far away as Jackson, Miss., more than 180 miles to the north. Thousands of people who could not get out of town lined up outside the 70,000-seat Superdome, hoping to take refuge in the home of the New Orleans Saints professional football club.

As a much weaker storm, Katrina was responsible for nine deaths in South Florida. According to David Miller of the National Hurricane Center, it was on track to make landfall late this morning in southeastern Louisiana, a low-lying area that experts say is especially ill-suited to withstand a direct hit from a powerful storm. New Orleans is considered a disaster waiting to happen — a city mostly below sea level, practically surrounded by water, artificially kept dry by pumps and levees, and rapidly losing its natural storm protection.

If Katrina makes landfall as a Category 5 storm — winds greater than 155 mph — it would be only the fourth to do so in the United States since records have been kept.

My thoughts/prayers/good-thoughts are with them.

And more from CNN, NY Times and the BBC (who calls for stories from the experience).

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