Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf hard. I’ve heard from various news sources that rescue workers are having to do their work around floating bodies, so the following numbers may be WAY underestimated.

From Reuters:

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Helicopters plucked frantic survivors from rooftops, debris-fouled water flooded historic New Orleans and hundreds were feared dead on Tuesday after Hurricane Katrina’s rampage across the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Authorities made plans to remove thousands of storm refugees from the Superdome stadium and other shelters in New Orleans and drop giant sandbags to plug breaches in the city’s protective levee system, which allowed water from Lake Pontchartrain to swamp the streets.

Looters struck the devastated city, rolling carts full of merchandise and carrying bundles from downtown stores.

And as if the storm was dangerous enough…

Officials reported a 3-foot (0.9-metre) shark had been spotted cruising the flooded streets.

Some more stories about the devastation can be found here and here.

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