Those were Bush’s words to FEMA head Michael Brown on Friday.

I don’t usually agree with Michelle Malkin, but now she’s calling for Brown’s dismissal, and if his incompetence is as glaring as she’s pointed out, I agree that he should be fired as soon as this disaster relief effort is over.

Some reasons?

– He admitted that he didn’t act more aggressively because as late as last Sunday he expected Katrina to be a “standard hurricane” even though the National Weather Service in New Orleans was already predicting “human suffering incredible by modern standards.”

– He proved himself utterly clueless about the disaster unfolding in New Orleans. He claimed that the federal relief effort was “going relatively well” and that the security situation in New Orleans was “pretty darn good.”

But for me, the kicker to “Brownie’s” seeming incompetence was blaming the victims, as Malkin points out.

– He blamed the flood victims in New Orleans for failing to evacuate on time, even though local authorities failed to make municipal vehicles available to residents who could not drive or did not own their own cars.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Brown will be the fall guy in the aftermath of this situation. However, the failures here are not ONE man’s fault.

But who else should be responsible too?

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